Happy world tourism day- 27 th Sept

World tourism day

Travel, to explore, to know, to learn! Happy World Tourism Day! When you travel, you become a different person, a better person. To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. “See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.”     Ray Bradbury Remember, […]

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Your world

This is your world.It’s full of more potential for pleasure,love.glory,beauty and bliss that can be comprehended. It even surprises you with misfortune so you can experience the full range of your explosive emotions, and so the good things are much more sweeter.Even better. Nothing great comes easily.That would be hopelessly boring.You have thrilling hurdles to overcome at every corner in […]

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Ignore the ‘Agressive World’

When an obnoxious and aggressive world displays its nuttiness just say to yourself, “I have nothing to say to that.”   The world cries, “Give me your agreement or your disagreement but whatever you do, don’t ignore me!”   Intelligently notice both outer and inner darkness then quietly ignore it. Switch your attention back to the present moment with this powerful self-talk statement. You have higher things to think about and darkness’s anguish is not your concern. Every “success” darkness has is based on convincing you that its anguish is your concern. It wants you involved with it, fighting it, trying to help it. Dare to reply instead, “I have nothing to say to that!”   As The Daily Guru said once, “The resistance to the disturbance IS the disturbance.” Work with this exercise this week. Notice how good you start to feel as you cease throwing fuel on the initial disturbances – all those tiny little outer and inner fires that are very significant until you react to them. creditsThe Daily Guru Image Ashish_Choudhary,Pixabay.

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