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What lies Beneath?

“Man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free”  Jacques Yves Cousteau

Where do you find true love?

“Love is a magical shelter where you will feel yourself safe beneath it!”  Mehmet Murat ildan

Some say ‘true love’ is found beneath the champagne cork

How to look beautiful?

“Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it.” Madame de Pompadour

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When I am with you time stands still…really?

How much intensity of love is required to make one realise that love given, indeed is true love?

My dear friend, first of all, there is no such thing called ‘true love’.

Even if it is there… people expect you to give ‘unconditional love’ because they are selfish.

Later they may say that the love that is given is not sufficient and they advise you to show love with greater intensity, and in extreme cases, you may be asked to prove.

Is there any measure for expressing ‘true love’? 

I am at loss as to what constitutes ‘True Love’!!

Food for thought

Does ‘true love’ differ from person to person?

Is it the same for all?

Any units or standard?

At what stage you say  ‘true love’ has reached its peak and no more love left to be given.

Or you think ‘true love’ is unlimited.

Take home message

“True love is like little roses, sweet, fragrant in small doses.”   Ana Claudia Antunes

Please share your thoughts.

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Sunday mood

“Love me for who I am” Unknown

“Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks pretty, not for any deep sociological reason. This isn’t an act of protest against cultural or social repression. It’s not a grand, deliberately defiant gesture against capitalists or feminists or any other social group. It’s not even the fashion equivalent to sticking two fingers up at the world. The boring truth of it, Gabriel, is that I don’t dress like this to hurt my parents or draw attention to myself or make a statement. I just do it because I think it looks nice. Disappointed?”
Alex Bell 

Do you have a tattoo on your body?

If the answer is yes, have you come across anybody who said that tattoo culture is bad?

Are they judgemental?

I can understand my friend. it is said tattoos are put on the skin by the criminals and sea pirates in earlier days and said to be a taboo practice.

Do you hide your tattoos?

If answer is yes, can you elaborate?

How to know whether a person loves me?

If a person really loves me, that he or she will accept me no matter what. Having an entire body tattoo etc. immaterial.

That’s true love.

Otherwise famously known as ‘unconditional love’.

Can we dream of ‘unconditional love’ in this world?

Sure you can only dream!

My dear friend, mark my word, there is no such thing.

Don’t waste your time searching or expecting unconditional love.

Because there is no such mindset that exists in this world.

I know you are angry.

Cool. Cool. Chill.

Truth is always bitter.

Tattoos & Our life 

“Tattoos are a right of passage. They’re a marker of bravery, of maturity, of cultural acceptance. The tattoo represents not only a willingness to accept pain – to endure it – but a need to actively embrace it. Because life is painful – beautiful but painful…….”
Nicola Barker

Tattoos trivia (world record)

Most tattooed Man is Lucky Rich.

Most tattooed Woman is Charlotte Gutenberg.

If you are interested to know more about such things check this link- Trending Tattoo

Are you aware of National Tattoo day?

Each year the day is celebrated on July 17 th.

The day is celebrated to recognise and appreciate, history, culture and artistry.

More and more people are embracing this art-work.

Social media accounts use hashtag #NationalTattooDay

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The most difficult things to get…

I am not talking of money,palatial houses, luxury yacht or even a contented life.The list can be from anything to everything.

I am talking about something else.

Read this quote

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love”. Mandy Hale

What does the author mean?

Either you need not chase or they come to you automatically.

Unfortunately ‘True Love’ and ‘True friends’ never exist in the first place and strangely you are busy chasing either of these or both and sadly you are disappointed from the beginning.

This is because there is no ‘Honesty’ in this world.

If you think they exist and easy to chase….. or they come to you automatically …..means you are cheating yourself.

Thank you.


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July 2021

Kindred spirits

Kindred spirits

“The most intriguing people you will encounter in this life are the people who had insights about you, that you didn’t know about yourself.” Shannon L. Alder

It’s 3.1 minute read.

“Oh God ,I just met you ,but I feel I know you so much already”

A kindred spirit is someone whose energy resonates at the same frequency as yours.

This can happen when you meet some one in person or online !

Definition of Kindred Spirit

According to Free Dictionary, Kindred spirit is defined as

“A person who shares several or many fundamental beliefs,ideas,convictions,sentiments,attitudes and/or interests with oneself”.

Kindred spirits

It’s shared way of experiencing the world.

Simply put, a kindred spirit is someone who you share a mutual meaningful connection with.

Kindred spirit is the person who understands you so well and you too feel ,you understand this person equally well at the very first meeting between you both.
Both are very comfortable with each other at any given point .

It’s about innate connection.

The kindred spirit can enter your life for a moment, for a short period or be with you life long .

We meet many people in our lives.With some we feel the disconnect as if there is a wall in between but with some you feel they are magnetic and you both get attracted to each other !

Kindred spirits

To discover a kindred spirit is to find your heart ,in the heart of a friend. Ann Parrish

Kindred spirits can be with anybody,be a known or unknown person.

What is the basis of Kindred Spirits ?

  • You both share common interests.
    you can talk hours together and surprisingly outsiders can’t understand you.
  • You both understand each other so well and there is never an argument.
    You both enjoy each others humour
    You both feel as if you are a long-lost friends.
    You are comfortable with each other .
    You don’t hesitate to tell the most personal stuff
  • Though you might have met the person physically or online for a brief period, you have some sixth sense telling you that you can trust this person.
  • You are available all the time supporting each other both in Times of happiness and sadness.
  • You both are always in sync.You both understand your limitations.And there is some unexplainable cosmic flow between the two.The relationship is always positive and supportive.

Don’t confuse Kindred Spirits with soul mates or Twin flames.That is another discussion on some other day.

Have you at any time come across Kindred Spirit ?

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

Thank you.
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Hardest thing in this world is……

Hardest thing in the world is ...

I know you are tempted to say ‘Diamond’ !

True to some extent.Diamonds symbolize Status,Love,strength( hardness), beauty and Prosperity.

It’s also interesting to know why  60 th wedding anniversary is called ‘Diamond Anniversary’ ?.It’s because of longevity of the couple’s relationship both in times of happiness and difficulties and the marriage surviving this long of 60 yrs without break up in relationship, a toughest job indeed in the modern day philosophy of ‘divorce’ at the drop of a hat.

Do you want to know which is tougher than Diamond ?

“True Love and Loyal Friends are two of the toughest things to find.”   Unknown

Whichever part of the world you are in ,remember,never underestimate the power of true love and loyal friends.

Be a true lover & don’t lose loyal friends.

To all my WP friends…

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Thank you

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How are you celebrating the Valentine’s day,this time ?

Valentines day

Valentine’s day is the day,when all over the world,LOVE is celebrated.

It’s celebrated on 14 th February of every year.

Just think for a second.Are we true to the spirit of Valentine’s day ?

Is it necessary to wait for this day to express love ?

Instead we can  show this love in every day of our life.

Don’t you think true love is the one,which is beyond conditions ?

True love should be forever supportive.

Love should be constant both in times of happiness and sorrow.

Of late, we have become busy in  showing off love ,instead of taking solemn pledge of Love !

And on the Valentine’s day,funnily we exaggerate our Love !

To show love you must buy something and this is  where industries are making a kill on this day,defeating the very purpose of Valentina day.

I guess we are over rating the day !

Money, money,money,it’s so funny !

My take, Love never fails,instead people fail on love.

“Love never dies a natural death.It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals.It dies if illness and wounds,It dies of weariness,of witherings,or tarnishings.” Anais Nin

Thank you

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Bullshit In the guise of True Love !

Bullshit in the guise of true love.

The most common lie uttered without thought, sincerity, resolve, or guilt: I love you. ‘unknown’

See this clip(117 seconds) before you proceed further.

Does true love exist? I dare !

Rabbi Dr.Abraham calls’Love out of selfishness’ is a Fish Love.He

says”Fish love is poisoning marriages,damaging homes and breaking


Sex,money or power will decide the intensity of the so-called true love.

you may blast me that ….I am,atrocious,stone-hearted, silly, crazy, cruel,disgusting and disappointing but I am not dejected,because one day you realize that none can show the true love without expecting something in return. And that day,you are sure to remember me!The love what you expect / or given is nothing but ‘fake love !

In this world no body is willing to give unconditional love,though they can, if really they want,but they won’t because of the inherent selfishness.

I shall give just 2 examples.My discussion is limited to so called ‘unbreakable human love’

1.Romanticizing love.(couples)

‘I love you beyond eternity’,

‘If loving is wrong,then I don’t want to be right ‘

‘My love for you is a journey starting at forever & ending never.

‘You’re the first boy I ever kissed Jake,and I want you to be the last'(hollywood dialogue-movie-sweet home Alabama)

‘I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met'( movie-wedding date)

If these things are true….Why you see so many cases of divorces?

2.If true love were there( parents vs children)…

Why there are so many old age homes and homes for destitute ? And what about.. Orphanage,Children homes ?

Ron Leighman in Quora (on love is bullshit)
“Because love is a fraudulent emotion, it doesn’t exist. They say the love you Blah blah blah. Then once you get/give them what they want they kick you to the curb like yesterdays garbage. You may as well expect it because it will happen. Expect it then you feel no pain when it happens”.

Are we into the ‘Fantasy Love’?

“Of all the lies you told me….’I love you’ was my favorite”.

True love is possible only when the people concerned are mature enough ( this happens as they age ) to see both sides of the point of view.

Finally,the difference between True Love & Pure Love.

True Love may not be possible all the time ,but Pure Love is possible.


Loving what you get is compromise.

Getting what you love is Success.

Loving without caring whether you will get it or not is true love.

Loving even after you knowing that you won’t get it..is pure love.



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