Happy International Tea Day

Happy International Tea Day

‘Happy Tea Day’ my friends International tea day is annually celebrated on may 21 st. Wishing A ‘Happy Tea Day’ to all my WP Tea Lovers. This day is celebrated to bring awareness of Tea consumption. Why in the month of May ? The season of tea producing starts in the month of May in most of the countries. And […]

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Daily Horoscope..boon or bane ??

crystal ball,crystal ball photography

Crystal Balls are famous for Crystal Gazing ,a methodology used by ‘Readers’ or ‘Seers’ in predicting your future and to tell fortunes, even guiding the clients to decide in solving their current problems. Let me be crystal clear,I am not finding fault with believers of Astrology.Some times I look up for Heavenly advice,when in distress ! Simply put can Astrology […]

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