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I am not talking about the way people sway during rock concerts. I don’t know the scientific reason why people sway with music.

Neither I am talking about the way people sway when they become ecstatic.

Here I’m talking about the ‘SWAY’ of a different kind.

When you visit the zoo with your children and spend some time with those captive elephants, you would have noticed that these elephants are never quiet.

You remember the elephant swaying

☑️From side to side or

☑️Bobbing their head from side to side or

☑️Lifting the foot and placing it down.

You get a feeling that they are in a happy mood and are almost going to dance!

Nothing more tragic than this.

Why do elephants sway?

Elephants that live in the wild never sway, because they are in the natural habitat and they are social and move in groups and there is no chance of them getting tortured or bored.

“Zoo is the only place….where all the prisoners are innocent” Amrit Kumar Swain

“I Miss my Family”

Those elephants that are captive and are away from the natural environment are subjected to tremendous stress due to lack of natural food habits, kept alone, constantly, being tied with a chain, subjected to regular harassment and torture.

Because of boredom along with too much stress + subjected to abuse, elephants start swaying. Lack of sufficient space to move around add to the agony.

These elephants undergo severe frustration.

Have you heard of the word ‘Zoochosis’?

These elephants are exhibiting symptoms of zoochosis, which is a ‘captivity induced mental illness’.

“Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way” P.E.T.A

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