Happy International Tea Day

Happy International Tea Day

‘Happy Tea Day’ my friends International tea day is annually celebrated on may 21 st. Wishing A ‘Happy Tea Day’ to all my WP Tea Lovers. This day is celebrated to bring awareness of Tea consumption. Why in the month of May ? The season of tea producing starts in the month of May in most of the countries. And […]

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Well informed or misinformed ?

Well informed or Miinformed ?

It’s amazing that the amount of News that happens in the world everyday..always just exactly fits the Newspaper. ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ I became a journalist because I did not want to relay on news papers for information Christopher Hitchens How to know whether it is a true news or fake news ? Total helplessness, in these days of instant news on […]

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Expression of the ‘face’

What is the likely the facial expressions of the individuals concerned, the moment they realized that they are being photographed,especially  during the street photography ? ” The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter “ Macus Tullious Cicero I noticed that most of them are not just surprised but annoyed.Some of the clicks.   […]

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