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Don’t be a bum,wash off the scum


Hand washing has become a must in these days of Corona Virus scare.Sadly many people are not aware of the exact method.

Any idea how much time it takes ?

Just 15 seconds of your time,which can save your precious life

Did you know….

Washing hands prevents illness and spread of infections to others. Hand washing with soap removes germs from hands.This helps prevent infections because..

1.People frequently touch their eyes,nose and mouth without even realizing it. Germs can get into the body through the eyes,nose and mouth and make us sick.

2.Germs from unwashed hands can get into foods and drinks and while people prepare or consume them.Germs can multiply in some types of foods or drinks,under certain conditions and make people sick.

3.Germs from the unwashed hands can be transferred to other objects,like hand rails,table tops,or toys and then transferred to another persons hands.

4.Removing germs through hand washing ,therefore helps prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections and may even help prevent skin & eye infections

Why hand washing education is important ?

Teaching people about hand washing helps them and their communities to stay healthy.Hand washing education in the community:
  • Reduces the number of people who get sick with diarrhea by 23-40%
  • Reduces diarrheal illness in people with weakened immune system by 58%
  • Reduces respiratory illness,like colds in general population by 16-21%
  • Reduces absenteeism due to gastrointestinal illness in school children by 29-57%


How to wash your hands (the right way) ?

  1. Wet your hands with warm running water before you get to the soap.
  2. Rub you hands together to make as many bubbles as you can.
  3. Make sure the bubbles get all over the front and back of your hands,between your fingers and under your nails.Try to rub your hands for at least 15 seconds.
  4. Rinse all the bubbles off under the warm running water.
  5. Dry your hands with a clean towel,paper towel or air dryer,
  6. If you get something gross on your hands and you don’t have a soap & water,hand sanitizers or wipes can help.

Source-Canadian Consumer Specialty Products association

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Philosophy Through Photography

Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay


Ego bubble

Your ego may be just a soap bubble.May be for a few seconds it will remain,rising higher in the air.

Perhaps for a few seconds it may have a rainbow,but is only for a few seconds.In this infinite & eternal existence your egos go on bursting every moment.

It is better not to have any attachment with soap bubbles


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