Are you a Non-stop ( Big ) Talker or a Patient Listener ?

  If you re one of those,fortunate to watch any of the news channels ( especially English news channels) in India,where participants number can almost reach magic No 10, and  it won’t take much time to realize how noisy and chaotic it is.( I am not sure why in the first place,so many people are invited to participate,instead of two to three  ) 1.Here every participant including the anchor talks loudly. 2. All talk simultaneously, 3. All screaming and 4. Shouting, 5. Participants even abusing each other . The viewer is confused regarding  the topic, and not sure why participants are arguing. The issue on which discussion is happening, becomes irrelevant due to  digression,everybody going crazy, and viewer’s Blood Pressure rising at the end and helplessly the viewer moves to the next channel. Here instead of debate there is a competition as to whose decibel is strongest. May be it is the way of  Civilized Debate sans debate. I started wondering  whether one has to be a Big Talker or a good Listener. Ask anybody, whether they are good listeners,invariably they say  ‘YES’ ,contrary to the fact. Majority Love talking endlessly about themselves ( I talk-you Listen syndrome ) till the other becomes restless. “Some people believe that being the loudest in the room makes them look strong. It may appear that way to a few uninformed individuals. What they don’t know is the more they talk, the more information they reveal […]

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