What is Money ?

What is money ?

It’s a piece of paper that draws the illusion of all mankind. It can only buy a house-but not home. It can buy a bed-but not sleep. It can buy a clock-but not time, It can buy you a book-but not knowledge. It can buy you a position-but not respect. It can buy you a medicine but not health. It […]

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World Cancer day 4 th Feb

  World cancer day is a day we should remember,It’s a day for taking action ! Cancer is a word.Not a sentence John Diamond This day is celebrated as World Cancer day,where in, the world becomes one,united to fight cancer epidemic. This day is a reminder and an attempt to bring an awareness of cancer,in terms of prevention,detection and treatment. […]

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Before you plug in a multiple socket, know how much power an outlet can pocket.!!!

Many people boast about their ability in Multitasking and even telling that, this is their single biggest achievement in their lives. What is multitasking? Well, initially it started as an ability of computer to do assigned jobs simultaneously,thus saving lot of time. However the idea slowly creeped into the Human brains. Also we are all aware that human brain thinks very high of itself all the time !!! Here is the example quoted humorously. With age comes skills, it’s called multitasking. I can laugh,cough,sneeze & pee, all at the same time. Joke apart,let me give you,  some day to day examples. Talking over phone while cooking ( as Debra does in Everybody loves Raymond TV serials) Driving the vehicle during a phone conversation. Getting down the stairs,while talking over the phone. Sending e-mails during a servious discussion. Answering a phone call while attending a customer.I can go on and on. “To do two things at a time is to do neither”  –  Pubillous Syrus in I st century BC If you Carefully look In the above photo,you can notice the gentleman is doing multiple things at the same time. 1. Enjoying the songs through headphone. 2. Something kept in his mouth,I am not sure may be a red candy or a plastic card. 3. And he is also checking the currency notes in the purse. “The irony of multitasking is that it’s exhausting: when you’re doing two or three things […]

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