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When in doubt take a bath-Mae west

Kings And Queens Baths

“Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean” Paramahansa Yogananda

There is some confusion among non English speaking people about the terminology used for bathrooms.

I am sure even in the English speaking world the meaning may differ.

Bathroom, washroom, Toilet, Restroom or a wet room, cloak room, comfort station, comfort room, latrine, closet, commode, pot, Garde robe, privy….

Looks like the list is really long.

I understand that there are 157 synonyms for bath rooms adding to the confusion as to what exactly bathroom contains?

What way the kings and Queens baths differ from the ordinary?

I am not into the planning, architecture, the design, the ornaments and other accessories made of Gold spread across the bath room.

I am also not talking about the the construction style of the lavatory which can go side by side with bath rooms.

I am taking about a peculiar profession.

Is it true that in ancient time kings would have some one to wipe their bottoms after attending to natures’ call?

Internet search made me realize that there is a designation given to this person doing this filthy job..

He is known by the name Groom of the Stool

I am not sure about Queens having ‘Bride of the Stool’.

Again internet search did not bring me to ‘Bride of the Stool’ but to ‘A Lady of Bedchamber’

Any message?

My guess is ‘Anything is possible’ but under certain ‘circumstances’.

  • If you have a passion
  • If you are forced to do
  • If you love your dear life
  • If you are selfish
  • If you are confused
  • If you want favours
  • If you love your people

“Sometimes it’s hard to face your own life…” Jon Stewart

Please share your thoughts

Watch this clip as to how we evolved over the time in the art of dumping!

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Philosophy Through Photography

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One man’s poop is another’s panacea !

Cat's poop

“Happiness is found in pooping,not merely possessing” Napoleon Hill

Read the above quote once again. Contrary to the statement of Napoleon Hill, people are busy possessing the poop. You don’t believe me? Read on…

“Hey somebody stole our poop again!”

This is the daily complaint from the pet cat 🐈 to its master!

Why she is complaining?

To know the answer, first, you must know something about coffee seeds and how coffee is produced.

From Seeds to Cup

Coffee beans are nothing but the seeds of the coffee plant fruits (Coffee Cherries).

The seeds are separated from the fruits, fermented, dried and roasted,grinded, and finally brewed thus undergoing many incarnations.

Coming to your pet cat’s complaint, about its poop being stolen

Now you must know something about the term ‘Kopi Luwak’

I always wonder what makes humans do weird things in the first place!

The Scoop On Kopi Luwak

Someone noticed that the Luwak Cat (Indonesian civet, not exactly a cat and you can call it a raccoon) is selective about the beans they eat and this selectiveness makes it all the more popular, the fruit component is digested in the animal gut, but the seed is left untouched (only undergoes natural fermentation by the digestive system of the animal) and later passed out along the rest of the shit.

Simply put, a trip to Luwak’s digestive tract makes the coffee beans with added aroma, more mellow, and tasting Heavenly.

People then gather the shit of the cat, separate the seeds, wash and process them just like our regular coffee beans described above, before it reaches your cup!

You realized by now why your pet is complaining about the disappearing act of its shit.

Love the cat shit in my Garden!

The world’s most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak is the world’s costliest coffee. And each cup of coffee can cost between $40 to $100 and a Kilogram can cost you $500

Why Kopi Luwak is costliest?

I shall put this way. It is a simple supply & demand, Supply is limited because of its unique production and it becomes costly when you include it in your bucket list.


Are you aware of the curious cure?

Even human feces is not spared by the intelligentsia.Human brain is ingenious and humans waste not anything available on the Earth,of course freely.

One man’s poop is another’s medicine!

It’s said human feces helps fight the infection if properly used on a patient suffering from a chronic ailment.

It’s called fecal transplantation and in medical terminology known as Bacteriotherapy. There are donors, who of course have to undergo certain conditions before donating their poop.

If are interested to know more…google it.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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What is the meaning of Inure?

To make somebody used to something unpleasant, over a period of time, so that he/she is no longer is bothered or upset by it.

Simply put it, you are getting accustomed to something unpleasant.

Can we have examples ? 

Three simple examples I can give .

1.The life of medical professionals and the situations they face in their routines and getting used to all the unpleasant situations including diagnosis,though it is a bit difficult to convey the news to the patients.

However distressing the situations,these brave people overcome to carry on their duties.

A case of heart outside the body of the fetus diagnosed early during antenatal scan,an unpleasant situation but has to be informed to the concerned people.

2.About the Poop.It’s OK…..I am a bit gross here but I am telling the fact. ( my apologies )


I need not give any photographic representation.

Have you ever wondered, why we can smell the odour off other poop but not our very own majority  of the times ?

This is our brain’s amazing way of conditioning our sense of smell to our own poop.

To be precise we do smell our own poop, but the thing is…we are OK with it since our brain simply filters the odour and we may not even be aware of smell of our own poop, strangely the same brain refuses to filter the odour of others poop.

And the funny part is …. 

You get some of the best thinking done whilst pooing   Catty Maden

3.The last example is Alcohol,the one we consume regularly.


All of us know that.Alcohol tastes bad.


First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.   F.Scott Fitzgerald

You are aware that whoever starts tasting alcohol, for the first time makes funny faces because of the taste and smell and some even may gag at the thought of further sipping.

Over the time you get used to the smell and taste of the liquor and no more it is unpleasant, and your day is incomplete without liquor

This post is in response to Ragtag Community’s

RDP Wednesday-   daily prompt – INURE. Thank you guys for the inspiration

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Philosophy Through Photography

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Disclaimer-Alcohol consumption  is injurious to health.

 “This Is Something We’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along”


“why do humans take messy shits that require their assholes to be cleaned while other animals just take clean shits”. First of all, animals are entirely capable of taking messy shits. Second, and the biggest reason, is that animals don’t give two fucks about the same things that humans do. For humans it is socially barbaric to walk around with a stank asshole, for animals they either clean it themselves in some way or just ignore it entirely because they have no reason to care. Humans wouldn’t need to wipe if it was socially acceptable to be gross as hell. DBrody6-Reddit

It’s 8.1 minute read

Yes.Yes.You are right…….I am seriously talking of the real Shit,not the shit happening in this world.

warning- If you’re shit scared of shitty matter and also sensitive …please refrain from reading

How do you take a shit ?

Yes.I can feel your expression, ‘Yuck’ ‘Yuck’ Right ?

All of us feel disgusted when somebody talks of poop. “ughh…”.

I want to be brutally frank.Talking of Poop ( except during eating ),I need not feel ashamed.Why should anybody,since It is one of the basic human actions.

OK.Let us not get annoyed..Is not Poop part of our body, originated from the very Butter scotch you savored sometime back ?

As a medical professional,I forgot the word ‘Disgust’ long time back and know nothing as to how it feels.

Being a doctor, I am also particular about the way we undo the poop stuff, and avoid infections,commonly Urinary tract infection more commonly in women.

Right or wrong over the generations ,the parents have passed on the their own know-how knowledge to their children as to the methodology of post poop techniques. But present day scenario is different.A proper training ,and awareness is very very important.

Wherever I provided a link,please have patience to go through.

Before I proceed further, you must be aware of the three steps,we follow to get free of the stuff ,namely

  1. Positioning yourself, for a favorable outcome.
  2. Cleaning the mess you made around the bottom-hole.
  3. When you wipe yourself, which hand do you use, your dominant hand or your non-dominant hand?

What is the posture you adopt ? and why ? Are you pooping the wrong way ?

Positioning either sit or squat

1.Sit on the Commode ( toilet) ( Sitting said to make the evacuation incomplete As per scientific studies). Don’t just sit there !

The only plus point for the Western Toilet Without a doubt is, it is much better suited for disabled and those with back ache and spine and disc / knee joint problems.

2.Squat on the porcelain stuff.( Recommended by many,but not possible for people with disc-spine problems)


Now let us talk of cleaning part.

How do you clean your poop ? and which is better ?

1.Cleaning your bottom hole with toilet paper.( Commonly followed in American & most of the European countries ). This process is said to leave some shit traces,and the person is said to carry this,wherever he/she goes)

2.Washing your rear with water,then pat down with a towel or soft toilet paper. ( In most of the developed Asian countries and some European cities),said to be the most hygienic way to get rid of shit

3.Using the hand & water (popular method in under developed Asian countries).

Most of the toilets will have Bucket filled with water and a Mug.

Once you have the water in the mug, hold it with your right hand and take it behind and tilt it a bit so that water starts falling slowly..make sure that it falls in the center (butt cleave) and from left hand side you are supposed to wipe the poop, with left hand,clean the area with movements of left hand along with water splash.(Don’t use Right hand, Remember your right hand is used for eating ,shaking hand etc )

Now the most important job…give your hands a good soap water wash after that. At this stage you can use tissue paper to wipe the wet area dry.I must say it all feels far more natural than using paper and either flushing it into the sea, or, even worse, leaving it for someone else to deal with !!

I don’t have any idea how things are done in African countries,since I don’t have any experience.I request blog members to add to my knowledge pool.

If you are an international traveler you should also remember the terminology used in different countries for the toilet namely,rest room,water closet,toilette,loo,dunny,ben-jo,bathroom,No-2 etc

I know it’s a controversial subject and each school of thought claim they are the best

Some observations from the westerners

“Speaking of intimate. I sit in the “Indian” fashion no matter where I am. Yes, even if it’s a Western-style toilet. Even if it’s in the US or Europe. I also secretly wish that the whole world adopted the “hygiene faucet” but alas, they are not ready yet… Toilet paper has everyone in its soft, papery grip.” Ben.A.Wise

“You see, in India, most toilets have a hose-sort-of-looking thing attached that you’re supposed to stick under your butt to wash yourself. In fact, most of India thinks toilet paper is actually sort of gross. The logic being, why wouldn’t you wash your butt after you poop the same way you’d wash your hands after you poop? Why are a few simple plies of toilet paper sufficient enough to get your downstairs clean?
It’s enough to make you wonder: Is everyone in the Western world just walking around with poop on their butts all day? Are we the weird ones? Is the butt hose truly the most hygienic way to clean up after taking care of business?
It’s time the West embraced the butt hose. Our pants are full of microscopic shit particles and it’s really weird. In 2017 we need to really mix things up, and I think a fundamental rethinking of how we take a shit is a great first step.Ryan Broderick

Don’ miss to read the below link for in depth TRUE & UNBIASED analysis.The author has well articulated and discussed both positive and negative aspects of the culture shock -one gets when one travels to another part of the world!

Why do we use toilet paper instead of water showers, especially in the West?

Thanks for patiently reading , which methodology is better ?

Kindly share your thoughts.

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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