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Every face is born with a thousand masks to go with it- Marty Rubin

Which face you are wearing today my friend?

How many types of faces do you come across daily my friend?

Apart from this, Do you imagine faces in the things?

Oscar Wilde talks of the face concerning gender.

‘A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction”

Faces in things can be man-made or imagination.

You must be aware of the term ‘Pareidolia’ which means human ability to see an image in a random visual pattern.


In the photo below you can imagine easily, the windows and door in the form of the eyes and mouth, nose being the lampshade, thus completing the face.





In the image above someone drew a troll face cartoon on a wooden plate and fixed the same to the tree.

Apart from this, you can also imagine two spots similar to the eyes on the tree trunk on either side of the troll’s plate, which now acts as a nose resembling a face.


Imagination at its best

Now you can easily guess the face in the clouds

Devil from the Hell threatening earthlings


Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CBWC- Faces in the things photo challenge.Thank you Cee Neuner.


Any Idea what Pareidolia means ?

I did not know till I googled and found out the meaning ,when I started searching for how and why the Human beings are capable of weird imaginations of things that we see and ….I stumbled upon this terminology.

According to rationalwiki

Pareidolia is the phenomenon of recognizing patterns, shapes, and familiar objects in a vague and sometimes random stimulus.

It’s the result of your brain trying to “make sense” of input that really has no sense to find in it.

This is seen often in inkblot tests, where random splatters of ink suggest different images to different people (look, it’s a conspiracy: they’re all deliberately made to look like vaginas!) but also in cases of people seeing visions, ghosts, and other likenesses in what are actually just random patterns that happen to look like those things.

It’s part of the recurring discussion of representation in art ( The Treachery of Images) and is a fundamental component to understanding the philosophy behind modern art
It’s a psychological phenomenon that causes some people to see or hear a vague or random image or sound.

Seeing animals in clouds,or a face or rabbit in the moon are examples of Pareidolia.

Here I am posting 5 photos of clouds and let me know Which

animal/creature/soul you are imagining in this cloud formation.You

may differ the way I imagined.Feel free to tell what you imagined.

I am giving names based on my imagination.
Example 1.


Can I say Bear & its Cub ?

Example 2.

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

What about this one ?

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces


Example 3.

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

And this one ?

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

Pomeranian dog advising its puppy

Example 4.

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

What do you imagine in this ?

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

I imagine a Dragon,swallowing the Sun

Example 5.

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

Now you can easily guess…

Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

Devil from the Hell threatening earthlings

What is your story ? What is your weird imagination of these 5 examples . Please share your thoughts.



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