Happy ‘International Day of Old Persons’

Just 2 minutes read I am not sure at what age person can be described as a  Old Person ! Every  country has its own criteria I hope.Who decides ? How does it feel like to be old ? I always felt I’m not old rather  becoming younger as I am aging. Can I decide and declare to my family that that I can never be old ? and nobody dare call me old ! Or Can I decide and declare that I am old ? Is definition of old age is by the number of years or by appearance ? Young people may appear old and old people may appear young by looks.Some confusion being added up. Also the funny part is how each age group think of the number when asked about the definition of old age in years, Those below 20 say old age starts at 60 Those around 50  say old age starts at 70-80 Those around 70  say old age starts at 90 + Simply calling a person ‘old idiot’ ……are we succumbing to ‘racism ? Who is right and who is wrong ? Younger generation feel,they are looked down by the older generation and if you ask older generation,they say it’s just the opposite. Why majority of the people are secretive about their age ? Does it look bad in the society if you reveal your age ? Nothing makes you look older than […]

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