My New Year resolution is 1080p 😄😄

Are new year Resolutions a necessity ?

It’s 4.8 minute read. Welcome to Another new year & another set of Resolutions We can’t believe that already we are in the new year 2020.All of us faithfully plan certain promises to be fulfilled religiously,famously known worldwide as ‘New year resolutions‘ which can include a varieties of ‘ what I am going to do/not going to do stuff’. You […]

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My goal for 2019 !

My goal for 2019 is To accomplish the goals of 2018, Which I should have done in 2017, Because I promised them in 2015, And planned them in 2014…….. Jokes apart…. Let us be frank…..Most of us fail to achieve what we plan for the new year ! It’s alright ! Take a deep breath.Relax…. It is said 80% people fail to stick to their new year resolutions longer than six Weeks.Can you believe this ? Yes it’s true. Sometimes failure is a motivation for achieving our task.Don’t get disappointed.I am one among you ! “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett  I loved Samuel Beckett’s above quote…Fail better…. 10 reasons why new year’s resolutions fail To all the WP population there, Happy new year ! IS-pixabay./

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