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Modern Art

“The size of your network doesn’t matter – it is the quality of your network that counts”. unknown

About the title of this post…My friends, you must be thinking that this article is about Modern art/painting and related discussion…

But this art is of a different kind

These days to survive, one is supposed to develop what is known as the‘ Art of Networking’

Networking can be said to be a highly polished version of ‘Mutual Begging and Benefits’.

It starts right from the schooling days.

Be with classmates, college mates, office goers, colleagues, business matters, neighbours…. unless you are into the networking…then you are not a successful person and you be content with mediocre life!

Social media thrives because of ‘Networking’

In the Blogosphere

But in the blogosphere I have noticed, some bloggers especially newbies asking fellow bloggers to follow them, even reminding them that they are following them!

My guess is they are thinking that ‘Blogosphere networking’ is easy peasy just like in our routine day to day networking matters.

Blogosphere networking is both difficult and funny and many times one fails to understand the logic behind more likes & follows!

I Understand the total number of followers mentioned is a combination of followers from  WordPress + followers from their social media if they have linked their social media accounts to WordPress.

Blogger Awards

Many times they are excited by the encouraging awards circulating in the WordPress and their happiness reaching peak if some blogger awards them the award for the cycle to continue.

Some even mention in their blog- Awards received by numbers.

Nothing wrong in it, but there is much more than these things to get a regular viewership.

I guess these bloggers are impressed with the blogger’s awards and dream of getting more viewership.

Some popular bloggers do accept these awards to encourage the newbies.A good gesture indeed..

Majority of the bloggers drop out within a few months!

“True networking does not mean meeting people; it means becoming the type of person other people want to meet.”
Monroe Mann

I think they are wasting their time and energy and can get depressed and dejected due to lack of patronage. And many drop out or stop posting or post erratically….thinking, they can’t become the type of person people want to meet!

Bar of the blogosphere is set on par with the Himalayan peak.

My friend, still this is not an unachievable feat and so much more goes in getting new followers or developing a robust network.

Having multiple social media accounts and linking each other is overdone and has become a stale affair.

Sadly no one is bothered!

None has the time or patience.

Any blog content more than 140 words is just scrolled and you may get likes in seconds after you published your 10-minute read content!

I am not sure why they are desperate or they want more exposure or ‘likes’ or increase the number of followers in a short span of their blogosphere journey…..without understanding the complicity and finesse of the blogging world.

Some may like your post

  • Out of sympathy, or
  • Some may genuinely like it, even join you in the discussion.
  • Some may like it expecting return favours,
  • Some may initially follow you to attract attention only to unfollow later.
  • Some may follow you for sale promotion.
  • Some follow you for donation purpose and ditch you if you decide not to contribute!
  • Some of the bloggers expressed in their comment section that they are losing followers for no valid reasons!
  • Some may follow / like you just to irritate you.
  • Some may follow /like you as they are part of Affiliated Marketing
  • Some may follow you after reading your content and then mistaking that your content in your post requires a religious help and ask you to click their URL.

These things are common in the blogosphere.

It’s up to you to take the call.

People change over time. You also change as time passes.

You need not get excited or depressed.

What is that I am trying to impress?

✔Just carry on with your passion.

✔I am not here to give a lecture or give tips or inform the newbies that these things are right or wrong.

✔All that I am stressing is to provide contents worthy of the reader’s valuable time and have enough patience to achieve the goal and not to be desperate and ignore the statistics page.

Renard Moreau of Renard’ World gives us perfect guidance- 8 Effective ways to grow your blog and many newbies and myself got enriched enormously. You can find many more helpful tips from his other articles.

“Making a strong connection with people is never easy. It is even more difficult to connect with people who are very different from you.”
Abhishek Ratna

Patience is virtue

Have patience, do your best and interact with people of similar liking, visit their blogs, leave genuine comments that can go in a long way to develop a robust and healthy network. Till then…

“Nobody cares about you, your brand, or your company. You’re irrelevant…until proven otherwise.”
Steve Woodruff

Are you surprised that you get unconnected comments in your posts?

Of course, we do find people who don’t have any other work in their lives get pleasures in gossip and love becoming trolls, spam you in million ways… altogether a different breed which can make you mentally challenged.

You have to ignore them.

What about the pop up you get ‘your comment is under moderation’ when you post a comment on others post?

I think there is nothing wrong if a blogger plays safe by filtering the comments before it is published after all people can be sensitive to inappropriate comments.

But I feel, the genuine blogger who took time & pains to comment on your post may mistake you for a delayed response and may not entertain you in the future.

Now coming back to the topic…

“It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you” Unknown

For that ‘who’ to know you ….you must have the stuff…real stuff man!!

No use in begging and trying to garner sympathy in this highly competitive world.

Take home message

” Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent and be consistent” Gymaholic

Wishing you all the best in your blogosphere struggle.

Please share your thoughts and views.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

Do you have ‘Nomophobia’ tendency?

Nomophobia -The term is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia“,

Cambridge Dictionary says

Fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it. 


It’s lack of control over the use of a cell phone,a kind of dependence.

It includes

1.frequent checking of the cell phone,

2.Not bothering about-face to face interaction during discussions.

3.Using the cell phone in an inappropriate place.

4.Feeling restless or anxious without cell phone.

5 Avoiding social interactions.

6.Decline in performance.

7.Easily distracted by e mails, notifications etc.

8.Can become restless when

  • Lose the phone
  • Run out of battery
  • Have no network coverage
  • Can result in panic attacks.
  • Depression rarely.


Researches have shown abnormal changes happening in the brain due to both the excessive use of  cell phone and also because of nomophobia.

Is there any solution for nomophobia ?

All the people whomever I came across I put this question and the answer invariably was ,they are not addicted to mobile phone,and at the same breath they tell me that they can’t imagine life without mobile phone even for a single minute.

I am not sure what exactly they are trying to convey.

I guess there is no proper solution.

Solutions available on the internet are of not much help.

Can you suggest some practical remedies ?


Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

Images credits,PTP,pixabay derivative



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