Shhh…I’m hiding from the stupid people !!

Hide & Seek

This post is in response to Discover prompts day 26-Hidden  by Ben Huberman One finds ‘childhood’ always fascinating,but sadly by the time one realizes the truth,the charm is gone ! All the children in the world behave in the  same fashion irrespective of the land they belong to,but, they become a different personality altogether as they reach adulthood. Tell me […]

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Shhh…I’m hiding from the stupid people

  It is an adult version of ‘Peek-a-boo’ The philosophy,what I think is,hiding is a kind of tension where the child is wondering whether  he may be found at all and then once he is found by parents or friends…then it results in excitement  and thus the combination of tension and excitement bring in thrill and  feeling of achievement by both the players. Wish I get back my childhood !! Thank you Image source © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved  

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