7 Lies by which society misguides you !!

Society lies to you

It’s 4.5 minute read. Why why all succumb to the society, having its own views on everything & anything under the the Sun ? Society never tires you with its time tested comments ,since you are addicted to the concept of society’s benchmarks,right from your birth to till the day you die. In other words society wants you to play […]

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Why married people say,they are not wholly happy ?

Are married couple happy ?

A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong   Milton Berle Jokes apart,as a married person have you ever felt ‘unhappiness’ ? Read this…. There is a sea of difference being married & being committed. ‘Being married’  is for the consumption of outside world. ‘Being committed’ is for you both. Now that you know the difference…. it’s easy […]

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Secret of my long married life……

Let us not be serious all the time of the whole day ! Have some fun ! Remember today is Friday ! Some people ask the secret of our long marriage.We take time to go the restaurant two times a week.A little candle light ,dinner,soft music,and dancing.She goes on Tuesdays,I go on Fridays.    Henry Youngman Thank God it’s Friday […]

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