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Do you hesitate to spread Love ?

Do you hesitate to spread love ?

“Love & Kindness are never wasted.They always make a difference.They bless the one who receives them.And they bless you,the giver”     Barbara De Angelis

None in this world is free and I know you are always busy with your own world with all the problems with social media adding to your tensions.

Has anybody smiled because of you today ?

This because you don’t have time to spread love,to be kind ,compassionate and jovial.

I know you are ready with excuses.

You are made up of variety of moods.And you are just waiting to throw blame on somebody else or busy gossiping.

When you are facing the so called ‘never ending problems’, how can you even think of Love ?

Only anger, hatred,envy,jealous,ego are occupying 99.9% of your brain and balance keeps you occupied in your own world,with no time for others around you.Why can’t you replace the above traits I have mentioned just with ‘Love’

“Spread love everywhere you go.Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”   Mother Theresa 

The love you give comes back to you without failure if not immediately,at a later date.This is law of Karma.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

Writing on the ‘note’

writing on the currency notes,currency notes,Indian rupee

When there is Love,there is Life.

One minute read

“Don’t be afraid to express love to those who you love. Because

sometimes loving is not enough. We have to express it.”

Anurag Prakash Ray.

What a ‘Silent’ way to express ones love !
As seen in the above photographs, the persons have expressed their love in a silent way by writing on the currency notes.

Looks like they wanted entire country to know the intensity of their love since the currency gets circulated throughout the country.

It is a distasteful & Disgusting practice being practiced over the generations.

Not many are aware that it is punishable under the law ( Reserve Bank of India guidelines)

The scribbles on the notes range from  names or phone numbers to love letters to ‘praise the lord’ to  drawings.

Some  these drawings are  offensive and mostly  one comes across ‘Love expressions’

It looks like this practice is seen only in  Indian Subcontinent countries.I don’t know how this dirty  habit evolved…….

How you classify this behavior?
You call this Childish/strange/fanatic/disgusting/lovely/uncultured/dirty…. etc. etc.

Please feel free to express your opinion,thoughts…

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