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Western Jackdaw

Also known by the name European Jackdaw,belongs to Crow Family and are the smallest members of the crow family.

Found in North West Africa & Europe.

An ancient Greek and Roman adage runs “The swans will sing when the jackdaws are silent”, meaning that educated or wise people will speak only after the foolish have become quiet-source Wikipedia

No idea about this,because crows are said to be intelligent.

How do you identify Jackdaw from regular Crows?

It’s identified by its light gray nape and white iris,standing out from the black plumage.

They love people and eye contact.

Folklore talks of a new arrival if the bird is sitting on the roof,or it might also indicate death likely!

“Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies. By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed To have a passer-by kill the snake for the beads.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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