Monkey Lessons

Monkey lessons

Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person, Think of yourself as a Beautiful Monkey -Soojie Always I wonder How we are different from Animals. As you can see in the above photo ,the big monkey( I presume ,the teacher ) with its back facing us, seems to be busy teaching its first morning lesson to the students. You can […]

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Blog this way…..not that way !!

What is the philosophy behind blogging ? Blogging is a more flexible medium. Here the you can express the emotions,share the life’s experience with blogging community. You can prepare the article leisurely,develop common interest with other bloggers, be more inspirational and encouraging ,bringing happiness and smile in everyone involved. How to blog ? This is million dollar question. You are […]

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  Modern day Life Schedule making everybody sick & tired. When was the last time one had a hearty laugh ? How frequently you were disturbed in your holidays because of certain official commitments? Naturally we get exhausted and look for inspirations. How strange it is…when inspiration is available everywhere in the form of ‘Mother Nature’ Just take example of […]

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