Although Bangles are worn for style all over the world,the ornament hold special significance in Hinduism. It is almost similar to the ‘Wedding Ring” in the Western Culture. For Hindu Women Bangles are of Sentimental value,symbol of good luck. A Hindu Woman is deemed incomplete without this,so much so even the poorest of the poor wear some form of Bangles. […]

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Head Gear

Helmet,Head protection,Head gear,Head injuries,Flower,

No..No… I am not talking about the Helmet, that the Indian Lady is wearing while riding the two wheeler and the lessons regarding advantages of wearing helmet etc. etc If you look a bit closely…you notice that the woman is wearing tightly knit jasmine flowers why the Indian women,especially those from South India wear the flowers on their hair without […]

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Donkey Worship

Usually the words ‘Donkey” “Ass” are used in a derogatory way ( Dumb ass,Jackass etc meaning people who are stupid or of very low intelligence ), even parading the donkeys during the times of Protests ( i don’t know about other countries but in India, it is a common occurrence). May be a kind of public humiliation.I do not know […]

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