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“Heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners”  Mitch Albom

“To understand the life better, find a corner and wait there! You will then see that all sorts of things and events will suddenly appear at the corner, as it happens in life!” Mehmet Murat ildan

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CBWC-  CORNERS  photo challenge

Friendly Friday-Unusual

Cambridge English Dictionary defines ‘unusual’ as 

Different from others of the same type in a way that is surprising, interesting, or attractive.

Different from what is usual or expected.

Simply put it either uncommon or not normal.

I shall show you Two Images which I felt unusual.

V symbol on the icy mountain

“When God steps in Miracles happen”    Unknown

In the above photograph

You can notice the ice formation resembling the letter ‘V’. I can’t imagine how this ‘V’ symbol formed in the first place, on this mountain, extending from top to bottom.

Can you explain to me whether it’s physics or chemistry or geology etc or you think it can’t be explained ??

Is this not God’s way of showing V for Victory sign? ( my apologies to atheists ). His Victory over mankind !!” Just a reminder probably, because humans have become too arrogant !!

The rule is, “God always wins ” Never argue or question Almighty’s decisions and try to score brownie points and become a fool and a highly qualified ignorant!

This Image taken in Tromso,Norway.

In the image below…

You can notice Heaven amid the sea, and some kind hearted soul has arranged a comfortable chair for you to sit with a mini lawn and a Palm tree for shade.

What are you waiting for? Remember… in the photo,I have not covered the sorrounding beautiful icy mountains.

It’s a Heaven for those who hail from countries where the temparature ranges from hot,hotter to hottest.

It’s not your dream world! It’s your real world !!

Chain in the sea

“It’s the possibility of having the dream come true that makes life interesting”   Paulo Coelho

The above photo too taken in Tromso,Norway.I am not sure probably it’s part of Romssanuorri strait.Norwegian readers can correct me.

This post is in response to Friendly Friday Challenge-  Unusual

Thank you Amanda for the inspiration.Don’t miss to check out her beautiful blog.

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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