Naked truth

A thousand men can’t undress a naked man. ~Greek proverb Inspiration by efisoul63 via the-naked-truth/ Since I am a layman,apologies for my ignorance. I am not sure what exactly the proverb trying to convey .I request learned members to enlighten me . Don’t you agree that proverbs give us that extra knowledge and wonderful wisdom ?? Or you think proverbs are nothing but impossibilities or sometimes even absurdities,outdated sometimes contradictory … in context of modern word’s thinking prowess ? I was not getting a proper and quick answer for the above proverb from the internet search and finally I was successful and  I felt one answer applies perfectly. “It means that honesty has no shame and nothing to hide“ Princessblaise39(Yahoo answers)   Your thoughts on Proverbs ? Curiosities in proverbs

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