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Stop the Chop

“People who will not sustain trees will soon live a world that will not sustain people” Bryce Nelson

Why we cut the trees?

Answer depends on your ideology, whether you are for or against Trees survival.

I can give you a broad idea since I am not an expert.

Whether what we do is correct or not you have to decide.

Whether we are greedy or needy, you have to decide

  • Wood is an important fuel in most of the countries
  • Wood is the raw material for lumber, furniture and plywood
  • Pulp, paper and many chemical products are derived from wood
  • Trees are cut for developing the lands, for expanding the town, starting the industries, for widening the roads for interconnectivity etc.
  • Sometimes trees are cut to control diseases, pest insects and sometimes when we found the tree is too weak and can pose danger to the lives.
  • In some homes trees are cut to get better Sunlight or to have a better view of outside world from inside

Now there are plans to connect whole world (at least Eurasia) via road.

Eurasia consists of 93 countries. 

You must have heard of DEFORESTATION

Deforestation is permanent removal of trees.

It’s done for getting agricultural lands, urbanisation or mining activities.

“Forests are the lungs of our land” Franklin D Roosevelt

But who is listening?

 Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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what do you want?

What a silly question!

Instead, ask me – Is there anything that I don’t want?

The answer is…

There is no such thing which I don’t want!

I want everything, I want this thing, that thing and I want something.

This is not me saying in particular.

This is what we all say in general.

Humans are never happy with what they possess.

One can not fulfil the wishes of humans forever.

Have you heard of the funny Indian phrase- ‘Left for Heavenly abode’- a euphemism used mainly in obituary notices in India. It implies that the person died and settled in Heaven.

Even when one reaches Heavenly Abode, humans are not tired of demanding more from God.

“The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed”.   Mahatma Gandhi

“I want, I want, I want.

Every day you hear people say, what they want.

Well, this is what I want.

I want people who are sick to be healed.

I want children with no families to be adopted.

I want people to never worry about food, shelter and heat.

Most of all I would like to see our people start to care for one another”   Unknown

Thank you.



Philosophy Through Photography

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Tempted to Pick That Up

Want to see how  people behave when nobody watching?

You can easily make out their character!

Just spread a few currency notes on the road, keep a watch and enjoy the story unfolding!

Doesn’t matter if the notes are soiled or torn!

“Instead of loving people and using money, people often love money and use people”  Wayne Gerard Trotman

We all talk of greed. And we relate to money. What exactly is it?

“Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue”  Andy Stanley

Money vs Love

“Money is like love; It kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other, who turns it on his fellow man”  Kahlil Gibran

10 things- money can’t buy!

  • Manners
  • Morals
  • Respect
  • Character
  • Trust
  • Commonsense
  • Integrity
  • Class
  • Patience
  • Love

What is life’s best kept-secret?

Good news– it’s an open secret.

Bad news-unfortunately, we all ignore it.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end”  Bob Marley

What is ‘The truth’ my friend?

Them: Money doesn’t bring happiness.

Me: Pass the money over here. I like to be sad”   unknown

Surprisingly there are three things where ‘Greed’ is encouraged

“If you have to be greedy, then be greedy for Knowledge,

If you have to horde, horde Joy in your life,

If you have to accomplish, then accomplish Charity in your life”  Prem Rawat

What are my thoughts?

“Chase your passion and money will come. Chase money and you may never find your passions”  Colin Wright


”Greed in the end, fails even the greedy”  Cathryn Louis

More than this I can’t explain and I am lost!

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Becky.B’s  SQUARE UP photo challenge

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