‘ Left-handedness ‘


If you closely observe the above Photograph, you notice that some discussion happening among the six people, and if you dig further you will be surprised to note that 5 people among the 6, have raised their left hand ( except the person wearing red shirt ). No idea what is happening at that moment.Incidentally notice that,dominance of red color […]

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Peep or Peek ??

In the above photo not just one,but two people are seemed to be curious. Kids being curious I can understand.Children learn things only by being curious. And adults peeping ? May be it is a kind of Thrill & human trait to be ‘curious’ about what others are up to !! And  can one can take it as a norm ? But do you enjoy doing this ? The habit of peeping into somebody’s affair….can one express as ‘disgusting’ or just ignore it ? Probably it brings,gossips with toppings and some excitement resulting in rumors ! Are we not obsessed with the lives of others ? It is said this habit is more prevalent in women. Or you think it’s because idle brain,which is the culprit.And one derives demonic pleasure. Nothing wrong being inquisitive ,after all we descended from monkeys Being inquisitive is OK if it relates to our well-being,but unfortunately we tend to be inquisitive for wrong reasons. And we become extremely happy for checking others problems,rather than taking care of our own problems! “Most of our problems will be solved ,if we focus on what is happening in our life rather than peeping into other’s life”   Misbah Abu Obeida Khan And coming to the English Language…which word is correct to use ? Peek or Peep ? Thank you Philosophy Through Photography Image source © Dr.Sridhar,2019 All Rights Reserved    

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