Sweet Melody of Friendship

Friendship Day Friendship day is dedicated to the bond of friendship Friendship surely enriches one’s life. The day is to honour and celebrate Friendship. This is the great time to let your friends know how much the mean to you. Poems are best way to describe deep relationships. It’s perfect way of expressing the feelings There are many things, we cannot share with our other relations in Life. And God gave us the true friends to lean on in these circumstances Here we are dedicating this poem for the cause of True Friendship. First time collaborating with Mermaid and Anamika. Hope everyone enjoys the true spirit of Friendship… PTP : Friendship is a bond of unspoken matter, Sharing  tears and laughter, You bring sense of humour, Keeps my mood a zoomer. Anamika : When life’s troubles came calling, And when my spirit’s kept on falling, When I wished for a shoulder to lean on, You came out of the blue with arms open. PTP : You are my white house, When I am lost in storm house, You are just a ping away, In my hours of May day. Mermaid : Are you the  one I was looking for Who can give me the life to live, I kept my doors open in search of someone, Who can touch my inner soul. Wandering here and there I found a person after a long time, Who stretched the  arms for me and […]

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