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Your vibe attracts your tribe

Life is better with friends

Thank you.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.” Vincent Van Gogh

Yellow Bus

“Sometimes it’s good to miss a bus. It might be the wrong bus” Steve Guttenberg


‘Some friends are like mangos. You will never know which one is sweet and which one is not, until you cut them. And if you got sweet mango, you are the luckiest person in the world” Arman

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Thoughts Day

Mind & Heart- can they be good friends?

“Your mind can be your enemy or friend.

If you always follow your heart, your mind will feel neglected.

If you follow only your mind, your heart will never forgive you.

Never ignore your conscience, yet always be conscious of reason.

Make your heart and mind friends and you will have peace of mind throughout life’s seasons.”   

Suzy Kassem

Is it possible to maintain a good relationship between your mind and your heart?

I doubt.

What happens?

“The difference between your mind and heart,

Your mind tells you what is smart and 

Your heart tells you what you are going to do anyway” Unknown

This clearly tells you that if you follow your heart you lose your mind!

And if you follow your mind, your heart goes into attack mode!

Who is the actual winner?

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart, rather than a piece of our mind”  Unknown

And the lesson is…

“The struggle between what my mind wants to focus, what my heart is feeling and what my soul is going through is unexplained” Sajida Sheik

All of us are sailing in the same boat!

So just relax and do breathing exercises.

Don’t confuse your mind with these complicated thoughts and thus stress your heart! ❤


Thank you.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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The beauty of Nature!

“A flower is a smile from Heaven” Unknown

‘Friends are like beautiful flowers in the Garden of Life  Unknown

Can you equate friends and flowers and that too with your life?

Do you believe in this quote?

If you feel this quote is correct, tell me why you think so.

Everybody is not your friend

“Just because they hang around you and laugh with you does not mean they are your friend. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations exposé the fake people. So pay attention” Unknown

Is Friendship a disguise?

“Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends & Family”  Unknown

Is friendship a must?

It depends on you and your intensity of selfishness.

If you want to be selfish, continue your so called ‘friendship forever’!

“I have many friends who are selfish. So I rather prefer to stay alone because loneliness is better than a loveless friendship” Annu

A better definition of ‘Selfish’

“Nobody is against us. Everybody is just for themselves, hence Selfish”  Unknown

And What about Love? 

I am not sure…as to why you are bringing the topic of ‘love’ when we are discussing ‘friendship’

My friend ‘Love’ is always a confusing word because it’s complicated and there are varieties of love and millions of ways of love and thousands of meanings… one can shower love for known or unknown reasons.

And there is no such thing as ‘true love’

Love is spontaneous but stays for a short time.

Friends can be loving to each other, or love each other  but selfishness plays a major role.

And ‘love’ is selfish these days

Whatever anybody does to others is not out of love but from a selfish angle, and this is the truth.

Even a mother is not able to share her love equally with her children!

I know you are aghast and not willing to accept.

You may claim there are exceptions to the rule.

That is OK. All thoughts and feelings are respected.

Everybody behaves and talks as if they love each other forever and this reminds one of ‘fairy tales’ which is just a temporary feel-good factor.

Never chase for true love, my friend!

It all boils down to… give and take policy, which may not be overt but with subtle behavioural patterns & hints.

This give & take policy, I call ‘balanced love’ and let us be frank in accepting this so that our life is smoother.

Enough of lecture, Come to the real point

Sure my friend.

I know still, you are not convinced.

No, read this quote from Chanakya, an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist & Royal adviser.

“There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interest. This is a bitter truth

What about friends & Friendship in WordPress?

An excellent question my friend.

Appreciate you very much.

I can explain.

WordPress friendship is unique, Why & How?

“It works. And it creates the bonds that are as strong, if not stronger because these are not people you are judging by looks, by money or by status.

These people are people you have met because of their personalities, their fandoms, their likes, their interests, their standpoints, their viewpoints and the talents that people in their ‘real lives’ never appreciated “  TheMindsJournal 

Take home message (refers to offline friends)

“I told God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing my friends”  Unknown

If you find time check my other post – ‘Is friendships is a fraud?’

Please share your thoughts on friendship and whether you were hurt because of the friendship or you got ruined by the friendship or you still admire your old & new friends.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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How many friends do you have?

How many friends do you have?

I understand that Facebook allows you to have up to 5000 friends.

FB Pages can have more than 500 fans.

What about Twitter?

How many follow one can have?

Each account can follow up to 400 accounts per day.

In WP there is no cap on the followers.

How much you can react with all of your friends on social media?

Yes, my friends.

I am interested to know how many friends/followers daily one can interact with?

Are you able to fulfil your obligations?

Is the count matters?

Are you serious with ranking, statistics and the number of views? 

If you are into business…that is an entirely different proposition.

In general how many friends we need in our life?

Today’s Thoughts

“Remember you don’t need a certain number of friends,

Just a number of friends you can be certain of”  Unknown

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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Weekend situation


Are you the one who is longing for weekends?

Why it’s so?

Are weekends better than weekdays?

But strangely for Americans, working weekends has become the norm. Source-Enterprise rent-a-car

It’s is said without weekend holidays, routine work throughout can take a toll on your moods, your thoughts and your energy.

But I have a different take

“Honestly I never really understood the glorification of Fridays & Weekends. I don’t want to build a life and career, where I spend five days a week waiting for the weekend.

No! I want to enjoy my life, and don’t wish any weekday away. I want each day to matter to me, in some way, even if it’s a small tiny way.

I love my life. Everyday.

That’s is the spirit we should convey all around us”   Akilnathan Logeswaran

But whether one likes it or not weekends are here to stay!

I can give a solution.

“Weekends don’t count, unless you spend them doing something completely pointless”  Bill Watterson

What are your thoughts, my friend?

Do you really need weekends?

Are you not wasting your hard-earned money, time and even energy for a false sense of happiness & joy?

Still, if you wish to spend weekends, why not with your family?

I can understand if you don’t have a family.

But still, is it worth spending time with friends or unknown people?

“It’s better to be yourself and have no friends, than to be like your friends and have no self”  Unknown

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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Best friend


Who is your best friend?

“Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs”. Charlie Chaplin

Lucky are the ones who claim, they have the best friends in this world.

But Chanakya (The ancient Indian philosopher, economist, jurist & royal advisor)  has a different view.

“There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.” 

Do you agree?

If you don’t agree what is the reason?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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Three faithful friends

This lady seems to enjoy her moments with this pet, I don’t know the name of the breed but I noticed from the pet’s expression that, it’s excited about being with its master.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent”. Milan Kundera

“There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog, and ready money” Benjamin Franklin

Regarding the above quote, I can understand the mention of an old wife and an old dog……but money being a faithful friend…I don’t know what exactly he wants to convey.

Maybe the readers can help me understand better.

What is that single important thing, a dog teaches us but we ignore?

“A dog will teach you, unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won’t be too hard”  Robert Wagner

Only dogs lover can understand their feelings

“When you feel that every person in this world has deserted you,

You are never truly alone,

I am still there for you

Take a moment, right here, right now,

and thank them for that

No matter how bad your day is,

there is always a happy face

waiting for you

to get home”.   Unknown

One humble request

If you can’t love a dog like a family member, don’t get one because they only know how to look at you as a pack member.  And to them that is family.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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Is friendship a ‘fraud’ on people ?

Fooling oneself on Friendship

” I asked God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing my friends ” unknown          Duy Pham   unsplash

Can friendship be forever ?

Friendship is said to be one of the best things to happen in ones life.

Every time you think  of your friends, you  remember the saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’

There are many similar quotes & sayings about worthiness of being a Friend & how to maintain the friendship etc and the BFF philosophy.

Some even said friends are an extended family.

Do you really think friendship lasts life long ?

But what actually happens ?

Well…….We all have two worlds….Dream world & Real world.

In the Dream World

“Death is possible any time,
Love is possible some time,
Marriage is possible one time,
But real friend like you is possible once in a life time.”   Unknown

Exaggeration at its peak ! Take it easy.

In the real world

The truth is

“I didn’t lose a friend.I just realized I never had one”    Unknown

It’s hard to find a genuine friend in this world.Mark my word.

Why don’t you realize that friendship changes from time to time and year to year ? Best friends you had previous year may not be the same this year.

The best friend you have this year won’t be true friend in real sense.

The so called bond between the friends too changes in intensity as times flies.Friends owe you nothing.All of them are judgmental.

Then why you feel bad if you don’t have a permanent friend ?

You are better off as an introvert rather than disappointed and getting depressed and pondering what went wrong by whom,who broke the friendship first  etc. etc.

Majority of your friends ignore your view point.Your friends make use of you to the extent you are useful to them.You are easily dispensable and thrown into the dust bin.

My feeling is 99% of the friendship is just show off ! Doesn’t serve any purpose and somewhere you feel good without friends.At least you can be at peace.

Friends don’t bring you the’Feel good’ instead bring you anger,hatred,jealous,frustration  and depression.

“There is some self interest behind every friendship.There is no friendship without self interest.This is a bitter truth“. Chanakya.

What is your experience, my friend ?

Don’t you agree that the idea of friend and friendship is rubbish since soon we all get disappointed as majority show their true colors and we have to fend ourselves.

So true friendship is a myth ?

Yes .Believe in me.

Friendship is a toxic waste of time.Friendship is an illusion ( Maya )

So who can be your best friend in the end ?

Just look into the mirror.

“I myself am the only friend I have.” Terence

Please share your views whether friendship is a fraud on people.I appreciate.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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