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Friendly Friday: Dreams

What is a dream?

There are many definitions of a dream. Important meanings of dream include

✔ A series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep.

This is what we all experience and I am talking about this. And many books were written as to why we dream along with interpretations.

✔ Becoming a visionary-not all of us can become visionary and the majority of us lead a mediocre life and let us be frank.

✔ To achieve a goal (cherishing the aspiration). Anyone can achieve if only given proper attention and help from others.

✔ Imagining all possible fantasies (daydreams). Here your eyes are either closed or open.You can get joy & pleasure albeit temporarily.

“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened”    James Arthur Baldwin

12 interesting  facts about dreams during sleep

  • Blind people dream
  • Nobody knows exactly why we dream
  • The majority (95%) forget to remember the dreams after 90 seconds of waking up. Remembering is all about waking up at the perfect time
  • Did you ever notice any colors in your dreams?
  • Most of your dreams have negative tones.
  • The people you come across in your dreams are known to you including famous personalities.
  • You can have an orgasm/wet dreams
  • Are you aware of the term SEXSOMNIA? it’s a rare sleep disorder. Here the person engages in sexual behavior (masturbation/intercourse) while asleep
  • Your body reacts to your dream as if it would if you were awake.Example if in your dream a stray dog is biting you, you feel the pain and may even get up restless.
  • Bad dreams happen because of negative attitude, fear, guilt, or failures happening frequently
  • People talk of premonition dreams but how far it’s truly difficult to judge
  • Believe it or not, some dreams are repetitive like flying in the air to dreams of feces and other excrements


“The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary.” Ashleigh Brilliant

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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Friendly Friday:Smiles

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” Connor Franta

“The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your children smiling. The next best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile” ‘lovequotesmessages’

This post is part of Sandy’s  Friendly Friday-SMILES photo challenge

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Philosophy Through Photography

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Quiet Places

“Wisdom grows in quiet places”  Austin O’Malley

In these chaotic times, each one of us need a quiet place.Some love interacting with Mother Nature or spending time alone and  for some, quiet place means interacting with the Almighty.

Each one comes out with their own explanation and the point here is one must be left alone to seek inner peace.


“Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the Garden” unknown

Temple in the midst of Nature

“Every calm and quiet place is the true temple of the wise man!” Mehmet Murat ildan

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

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Friendly Friday: MORNING RITUALS

1.Green Tea

untitled (1 of 1)-5

“I did it!!! After drinking Green Tea for 4 months during this lockdown,I have lost 4 kgs of Green Tea” Asha


2. Newspaper Reading -even before breakfast!

“A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.” H.L. Mencken


3.Lett-uce pray

lettuce provides fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals for very, very few calories.A healthy addition to the salad.Let us all pray that it’s easily available to all.( Lettuce is expensive )

“If a man prepares dinner for you and the salad contains three or more types of lettuce, he’s serious.” Rita Rudner


4.Egg-cellent start to the day

“Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.” Russian proverb.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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Friendly Friday – Anniversaries

An anniversary is the precise date of an event, happy or sad.

All of us have certain dates that bring back memories.

Some of these dates can be cherished and some other dates can bring distress.

Most of us hesitate to share the sad events since it brings back the trauma, and the remembrance is limited among close friends and relatives.

Whereas the majority don’t mind sharing the happy events since it brings out nostalgia.

From the individual point of view, wedding anniversaries are the best and ideal to go into the past and refresh and cherish those lovely memories between the couples all the more when they are an ideal couple.

What do I mean by an ideal couple?

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”
Angelita Lim

The point I am stressing is that just two people are involved in this scenario, in cherishing those memories of the past.

And the couples are in a position too to realize how far they have come to understand each other better.

What a better way to celebrate the anniversary in a serene place like Mussoorie, a hill station, situated in the Uttarakhand state of India. The town is just 290 km (180 mi) from the National Capital New Delhi.

It is at an altitude of 2,005 meters (6,578 ft), bordering the Himalayas. Mussoorie is popularly known as ‘Queen of Hills’.Climate is healthy with temperatures ranging from 2 degrees centigrade to  34 degrees centigrade ( 35 f to 93 f).


On the way to Mussoorie, one can have a peaceful prayer, and no need to prove to anybody about your true love.



“You are my favorite place to go, when my mind searches for peace” unknown

Roasted sweetcorn with Charcoal

A typical roadside preparation. It’s known as Bhutta and charcoal is used to roast it. Indians just love it. Tastes excellent as you savor it hot, in chilly weather.

Keep calm & Eat Corn.


“I want to Corn-fess my love for you”   Sonali Gupta


Mussoorie Library

Oldest literary mark established in 1843

Mussoorie Library

“Let us make love in the library- in the Romance Section”   Jarod Kintz



The Mall Road

A popular shopping place.

Mal Road,Mussoorie

“Hold your wife’s’ hand in the mall,because if you let go,she’ll start shopping,it looks romantic but actually it’s economic” unknown



Shedup  Choephelling Temple

A Tibetan Buddhist Temple,the most peaceful place for meditation and prayers.

Tibetan Temple

“In the monastery of your heart,you have a temple where all Buddhas unite” Milarepa


Kempty falls

Kempty falls

“My heart falls for you ,like waterfalls in nature,like water it’s nice,it’s a love so pure..” unknown


Beauty of Himalayas

The ice capped Himalayan mountains truly a visual treat.

Himalayan Beauty

“The Himalayas…..where spirituality meets Science” Cr


Fancy Dress Photography

Couples can have a range of  colorful dress both bridal and non bridal for rental and photographers are available to click, with the nature in the background

Fancy Dress Photography

Bridal Dress

“Just remember…the cake gets eaten,the flowers will die,but the wedding photos will lost forever” unknown




“All Sunsets are beautiful,when viewed with the love of my life” unknown



Eco Park,Dhanolti

A quiet and truly peaceful location for the couples to spend time and rejuvenate  and re calibrate.

Danolti Eco Park

Mother Nature

“Relationship is not just a walk in the park”

This post is part of Amanda’s Friendly Friday Anniversaries

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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