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Close–Up and Macro


“If you are a sensitive person, you don’t give flowers to others, because you know that the flowers – these miraculous beauties and the wondrous jewels of our cosmos – excessively deserve to live!” Mehmet Murat ildan


“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade or grass, it becomes mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world itself” Henry Miller

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Amanda’s Friendly Friday Blog Challenge- Close-up and Macro

Everything is better in purple…

Are purple and violet the same?

After reading this article please share your thoughts.

I know many people get confused between violet and purple colours.

To my knowledge the term ‘violet’ is used rarely.

While Violet is a natural colour, purple happens to be a created colour.

Violet is the original colour that exists on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The colour Purple does not exist in the electromagnetic spectrum.

It’s a perceived colour by the human eyes and it’s a mixture of Red & Blue.

Just like your brain fools you as the magician does unbelievable tricks, here too your brain creates this artificial colour due to limited sensors in your retina, allowing your brain to manufacture this colour.

Also, people get confused between Purple vs Blue and Purple vs Pink and Purple vs Indigo.

It’s OK if you are wrong while describing the colour!


A towel for the respectable person that you are

Don’t panic and carry a towel! (Tribute to Douglas Adams)

Are you aware of ‘Towel Day’?

Yes, my friend. There is one such day celebrated on May 25 every year.

 Acknowledge the importance of the towel.


Born to the purple means – born to Royalty-  unknown

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” Alice walker

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Philosophy Through Photography

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Cee Neuner’s FOTD

Sandy’s Friendly Friday Foto Challenge- PURPLE


“May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.”

 Native American Proverb

“Here’s the thing about wildflowers they take root wherever they are grow strong through the wind, rain, pain, sunshine, blue skies and starless nights they dance, even when it seems there is nothing worth dancing for they bloom with or without you”  Alisha Christensen

What is a wildflower?

Wildflowers are said to grow naturally rather than cultivated.

It’s not intentionally seeded or planted.

I am not sure of the name of the above flower, but I guess it belongs to the dandelions category.

Some confusion as to dandelions is wildflowers, weeds or in between.

Why wildflowers matter?

“Love is like wildflowers; It’s often found in the most unlikely places.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

✔Wildflowers support insects.

✔Wildflowers attract pollinators( bees etc) and more the pollinator population better for the humans because many of our fruits, vegetable and nuts depend on the pollinators.

✔Some of the wildflowers contain compounds that are used in drugs for treating certain diseases.

✔Wildflowers are said to keep the soil healthy with the roots of the plants spreading and stabilising the soil.

✔And wildflowers are so colourful, just by watching them one is at peace with joy and happiness.

Weeds/Wildflowers is a confusing subject to me.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Amanda’s Friendly Friday Blog Challenge- WIldFlowers

and also forms part of Cee Neuner’s  FOTD photo challenge


Hands and feet

Clasping Hands

“My hands never feel empty because you always hold them with care and love”  Unknown

Why do we hold hands?

Holding hand can signify many things.

There is love, there is friendship and it also signifies strong bond and unity.

“When you hold my hand I’m reminded that I’m not alone in this world, that somebody loves me, and that I have a best friend.” Darlene Schacht

Do modern couples sticking to their wedding vows?

Wife & Husband- Can’t they be best friends for life?

OK.And what about the sculpture of two hands clasping in the above photograph?

This is an impressive sculpture of two hands clasping, which stands 13 feet tall. Made of weathering steel.

Married couples are supposed to take a photograph between these giant hands.

Do you wish to know more about this sculpture?

Read on my friend.

Any idea of Runaway Weddings?

One Scottish border town by the name of, Gretna Green was famous for ‘Runaway Weddings’.

In 1754, Lord Hardwicke enacted a marriage act in England, which said couples can’t marry without parental consent until the age of 21, whereas in neighbouring Scotland, couples could legally wed, just with two witnesses, irrespective of the age.

Since love conquers all, many young couples across England fled to Scotland and the first town at the Scottish border was Gretna Green which is jokingly called ‘elopement capital’ and now a tourist attraction.

‘Handfasting’ became more popular, meaning ‘engaged to be married’


Tired Feet

My feet may be tired….but my soul is resting ‘The Rosa Park Story’

Do our feet teach us any lesson?

“Live life like a pair of walking feet

The foot, that is forward has no pride and the foot behind has no shame. Because they both know their situation will change” unknown

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Sandy’s Friendly Friday Photo ChallengeHands and Feet

Fish Statue

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”  Cree Indian Prophecy

Do you Know?

Keeping a fish tank can bring you many benefits.

In science it’s proven to bring health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. In Feng Shui, it’s used to bring money luck and abundance to your life.

Feng Shui has do’s and don’ts in maintaining a fish tank.

Thank you.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Amanda’s FFPC- Something Fishy

Red And Green

Mother Nature

“An optimist is a person who sees Greenlight everywhere, while the pessimist sees only the Red Stoplight…The truly wise person is Colour Blind” Albert Schweitzer

Christmas Tree

“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”  Andy Rooney

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Amanda’s FFPC- RED AND GREEN

James Bond Vs James Bonda

This post is part of Sandy’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- UNIQUE

In Sandy’s words…

For this Week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge the key word is UNIQUE.Tell me about something unusual or UNIQUE that you’ve seen , experienced or read about in your hometown or travels. Take ( or borrow ) a photo and describe what made UNIQUE to you

Unique Indian Delicacy

” One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating” Luciano Pavarotti

Who is better qualified than Luciano Pavarotti to quote this!

“Eat as nobody is watching. Enjoy food as if that is the only thing left in your world” Nikita Dudani

This Indian Delicacy is known by the name ‘BONDA’

What is this Bonda to do with James Bond?

Good question.

I got attracted to a wall photo frame of James Bond titled ‘James Bonda’, in one Restaurant, humorously comparing the popular Indian Dish ‘Bonda’ to the popular fictional British Secret service Agent.

My guess is advertisers wanted to show their taste of Bonda!! And Bond and Bonda almost sounding similar!

“I always enjoyed learning a new tongue” James Bond movie line- from the film Tomorrow Never Dies

Bonda is a typical South Indian snack that has various sweet and spicy versions of it in different regions.

It’s a deep-fried potato snack.

If you are interested in the recipe of Bonda, check this link- ALOO-BONDA

Are you aware of the popularity of the term BONDA?

If you type bonda in Google search, the word Bonda has a web popularity of 2,68,00,000 pages at the time of writing this post.

Whenever you visit India, whether North India or South India…..don’t miss to taste ALOO BONDA.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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Whilst walking

This post is part of Amanda’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- ‘whilst walking’

An interesting topic.Thank you Amanda,

Our needs

“What do you actually need? Food, Clothing, and Shelter. Everything else is entertainment” Aloe Blacc

Whilst walking I have come across two situations both regarding Homelessness

We witness Homelessness regularly, and won’t hesitate openly to express our helplessness and console ourselves by either ignoring or forgetting and we are sure to take the next step, that is……just move on…..

One feels nothing can be done on an individual level and that it’s the responsibility of Govt bodies or charity institution’s burden.

This particular quote makes one guilty.

“I always wondered why somebody did not do something about that, then I realized I am somebody”   unknown 

Many times society vilifies them thinking that they are drug addicts or into antisocial activities.

Homeless Man

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for” Unknown

Abandoned by the family, this senior citizen was searching for a shelter! And he was lucky to find this giant cable Reel roller which he said, is his open-air conditioner room. I offered him food. He wished to have a blanket to protect from mosquitoes.

“Before you ignore another homeless person on the street, just remember that that could be someone’s father or someone’s mother and they have a story”. Sayesha Mercado

I feel we should try to comfort them and help them in whatever best way we can.

Every time I come across a homeless person, I remember the famous Singer Phil Collins song ‘ Another day in Paradise’, too good lyrics.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about how much stuff you have…but how many hearts you have touched”  Unknown

Homeless Dogs

Less said better about stray animals.

And in the case of animals, people are scared that stray animals transmit deadly rabies infection and often think that they are the cause of road accidents

Imagine for a moment

“Imagine you are homeless,aimless,you have a mouth but you can’t speak,you have stomach but you can’t let it feed,you have nobody to wipe your tears,you get kicked,you get punched, you get stoned for no reason,you get injured by rash drivers, or you will die out of starvation,

Scared?? You should be, because this is not imagination!! This is real struggle of Stray Dogs!!

Be kind.Be gentle”   unknown

In case you are not aware, International Homeless Animals day is observed annually on August 15.

What did Gandhi say about animals?

“The greatness of a Nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Please share your thoughts on homelessness and how animals are treated.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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This Week Sandy wants us to be creative regarding old photos and the nostalgia associated with it in a postcard format.
This made me think about postcards.

Thank you Sandy for the inspiration.

Even if you receive the postcard do you have time to scroll?

How times are changing!

Are postcards Obsolete?

I don’t think so.

Still, I find many shops around the famous location, in every country selling the postcards with famous /popular landmarks.

My guess is a postcard at any given time is a better souvenir compared to magnets, ceramic boxes, key chains or T-shirts.

Hanging our memories on the wall gives one the greatest satisfaction whenever you have a look at it. 

My feeling is at least photographers can continue this good old habit and keep it alive.


Thanks to Sandy for this challenge, we are sure to enter the world of HAPPY NOSTALGIA 

In this challenge Sandy wants us to take a photo and re-imagine it as a postcard. With additional text, messages or graphics, re-create your photo into a POSTCARD FROM THE PAST

“These are the only cards that are wonderlust. Goes everywhere without a price to pay, never to return”  Punny Leone

“Wherever you travel to, I would love to receive a beautiful postcard.”  Lailah Gifty Akita


“The pessimist sees only the tunnel; the optimist sees the light at the end of the tunnel; the realist sees the tunnel and the light – and the next tunnel” Sydney J Harris


untitled (3 of 3)

“The world is a book.And those who don’t travel read only one page”   St.Augustine


How about the idea of mailing a postcard to home yourself whenever you are traveling?

Why don’t you write about your experience and your feelings at that particular moment and record it?

The idea is that your memory is still fresh and you are able to express your feelings better.

Do you still keep the habit of collecting/making  the postcards?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Sandy’s Friendly Friday: POSTCARD FROM THE PAST

Design from Canova.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – / Two Ways

This post is part of Amanda’s FFPC – theme being-  TWO WAYS.

Amanda wants us to post, one or two photographs presented “TWO WAYS” That is the same photo or the same environment presented in two different ways, or at two different times.

Do you prefer Color or B&W or you like to try both and see which is appealing?

I guess it depends upon how colorful the given situation is.

“Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive” Elliott Erwitt

Color vs Black and White

Do you prefer images Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) or you would insist to edit and give a better look?

In other words….to process or not to process?

Getting it right in the camera…..Is this possible all the time?

The speed with which Camera Software is being developed with AI taking chunk of the responsibility,it looks now a days photographer need not worry about SOOC and simply press the shutter button and move on…

Just forget what is inside the camera at the time of shoot, and just concentrate on what best (how much juice) your software can extract from what is inside the camera!

“There is 3 key things for good photography: the camera,lighting and… Photoshop” Tyra Banks

Straight out of Camera vs Edited version

“Too much light for the eyes is as useless as darkness.”
 Amit Kalantri

Photoshop & Life

“Photoshop your life,touch up the edges, Adjust the tones, Blur out the background, Focus on yourself, and crop people out” Kushandwizdom

You may or may not agree with photo editing.But then who cares?

“Beauty is in the eye of the photoshop editor.”
 Nitya Prakash


One talks of beauty on what basis?

“Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.”  David Hume,

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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