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Macro Photography

In the above image, you are seeing an insect on a leaf, maybe relaxing.

The way it has postured, first I thought it was a mosquito.

On closer inspection with my macro lens, I realised that it is a common housefly.

If you notice the body of the house fly is not straight and it is bent more than usually, we notice.

Anything wrong with the fly?

I don’t know.

Is it feeling chill? or it is uncomfortable due to hot weather?

Further, you can also notice a small water bubble at its mouth.

Photographing a House-fly while it jets out the water bubble is a rare opportunity.

Do you know what is happening?

It’s ‘Bubble-blowing’

Housefly blowing a bubble of water with its mouth., the process is said to keep the insect cool when the temperature outside is high.

I took this photo soon after a mild drizzle.

My guess is the falling of the raindrops on the hot soil has increased the temperature instantly and to cool its body the fly must have jetted out the water bubble.

Who loves house flies?

No way anybody loves house fly.

They are unpleasant and an eyesore.

They fly over peoples faces and hover over our delicious food while carrying varieties of disease-causing bacteria.

Sadly they are all-powerful

“There isn’t much a lion can do in the midst of flies.”
VK Boy

House Fly Trivia

  • House flies live on fluid (strictly on a liquid diet) shaming humans!!
  • Can walk upside down (Shame on you batman!)
  • They taste their food with their legs (Yuck!)
  • House flies’ poops as they savour your food and gives- two hoots to your famous phrase- Don’t shit where you eat
  • They transmit more than 50 diseases (Mission Accomplished)
  • Their life span is around 30 days (yet enough damage done)
  • You puke if you wish to know. House flies make a living in filth. And their eggs are laid in filth, but strangely they love your yummy food just to defecate and eat the liquid part of your food
  • Housefly ceases to exist if humans are absent (hats off to Camaraderie!)

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Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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Macro photography

“In a world and a life that moves so fast, photography just makes the sound go out and it makes you stop and take a pause. Photography calms me.” Drew Barrymore

What a colorful creature by the Creator ! And deadly too !

And thanks to you too. Macro

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

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