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Macro Monday

What is the difference between butterfly and housefly? Simple. House fly sits on human feces and butterfly sits on beautiful bloom flowers. Be a butterfly don’t be a fly” Mallikarjun Reddy

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One man’s poop is another’s panacea !

Cat's poop

“Happiness is found in pooping,not merely possessing” Napoleon Hill

Read the above quote once again. Contrary to the statement of Napoleon Hill, people are busy possessing the poop. You don’t believe me? Read on…

“Hey somebody stole our poop again!”

This is the daily complaint from the pet cat 🐈 to its master!

Why she is complaining?

To know the answer, first, you must know something about coffee seeds and how coffee is produced.

From Seeds to Cup

Coffee beans are nothing but the seeds of the coffee plant fruits (Coffee Cherries).

The seeds are separated from the fruits, fermented, dried and roasted,grinded, and finally brewed thus undergoing many incarnations.

Coming to your pet cat’s complaint, about its poop being stolen

Now you must know something about the term ‘Kopi Luwak’

I always wonder what makes humans do weird things in the first place!

The Scoop On Kopi Luwak

Someone noticed that the Luwak Cat (Indonesian civet, not exactly a cat and you can call it a raccoon) is selective about the beans they eat and this selectiveness makes it all the more popular, the fruit component is digested in the animal gut, but the seed is left untouched (only undergoes natural fermentation by the digestive system of the animal) and later passed out along the rest of the shit.

Simply put, a trip to Luwak’s digestive tract makes the coffee beans with added aroma, more mellow, and tasting Heavenly.

People then gather the shit of the cat, separate the seeds, wash and process them just like our regular coffee beans described above, before it reaches your cup!

You realized by now why your pet is complaining about the disappearing act of its shit.

Love the cat shit in my Garden!

The world’s most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak is the world’s costliest coffee. And each cup of coffee can cost between $40 to $100 and a Kilogram can cost you $500

Why Kopi Luwak is costliest?

I shall put this way. It is a simple supply & demand, Supply is limited because of its unique production and it becomes costly when you include it in your bucket list.


Are you aware of the curious cure?

Even human feces is not spared by the intelligentsia.Human brain is ingenious and humans waste not anything available on the Earth,of course freely.

One man’s poop is another’s medicine!

It’s said human feces helps fight the infection if properly used on a patient suffering from a chronic ailment.

It’s called fecal transplantation and in medical terminology known as Bacteriotherapy. There are donors, who of course have to undergo certain conditions before donating their poop.

If are interested to know more…google it.

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