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Camera never lies! Are you sure?

Camels in the desert
“Believe no-one, doubt everything and remember, everyone lies” Prof. Nick Fennimore”

In the above photograph, if you are careless and miss the shadows, chances are that you may think of a monster camel with one head & two bodies.

As an amateur photographer, I always wonder whether the camera lies.

It’s said photographers evoke emotions through their photos and the capture is a replica of the scene whatever is presented before them.

And in 1987, the great philosopher Michael Franks coined the popular phrase

“The camera never lies”

Probably he meant that camera directly captures the scene for the interpretation and that and there is no guesswork as in ‘Modern Art’

The Hollywood Actor Cesar Romero has a different opinion about cameras and I agree with him. He said and I quote

“They say camera never lies. It lies Everyday. “

Not just the camera even the photographer lies as per Richard Avedon.His quote

Camera lies all the time. It’s all it does is lie, because when you choose this moment instead of this moment, when you… the moment you’ve made a choice, you’re lying about something larger. ‘Lying’ is an ugly word. I don’t mean lying. But any artist picks and chooses what they want to paint or write about or say. Photographers are the same.

And modern days manipulative photography is not doing anything good.

To clear the doubt once for all, Roland Barthes expressed brilliantly

“Photography never lies: or rather it can lie as to the meaning of the thing…never to its existence.”

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