Does free will exist ?

Free will

It’s a 3.5 minute read. What is free will ? According to Cambridge Dictionary, it’s ‘the ability to decide what to do independently of any outside influence’ Is your free will is a choice or is it predetermined ? I am sure it is predetermined. It’s a complicated and confusing subject for a short discussion but I make it simpler […]

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Blog this way…..not that way !!

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspirations,the rest of us just get up and go to work Stephen King What is the philosophy behind blogging ? To blog is to create,to connect,to share,to learn,to inspire and get inspired. Blogging is a more flexible medium. Here the you can express your emotions,share your life’s experience with blogging community,get clarifications for your doubts,enrich your knowledge,meet more friends of similar wave length,exchange ideas etc.etc. The greatest advantage is… Time is all yours You can prepare the article leisurely Develop common interest with other bloggers Be more inspirational and encouraging Bringing happiness and smile to everyone involved You learn a lot and spread your knowledge too, a kind of win-win situation You also get relaxed and satisfied Any disadvantages ? You may get irritated for the lack of ideas Unhappy when you come across articles opposite of your ideology and principles Disturbed (trolls) You put unreasonable demands on yourself thus subjected to stress. You may not sleep peacefully since you keep up a tight schedule to post articles. And your mind is agitated constantly because you have to post more articles. May have marital disputes,since you spend all time in thinking about blog topics. At one stage you may go in for ‘writers block’ Finally you decide….. “O.K let me take a chance and plunge into the ‘blogging ocean‘. After all it’s not do or die situation and I am a good swimmer ” Now […]

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Love is not complicated, people are

  How individual lives are changing ,relationships are thrown into the dust bin,people forgetting the meaning and value & sacredness of ‘LOVE’, Thanks to addiction to social media & smart phones ! Relationships are harder now! “Conversations became texting, Arguments became phone calls, Feelings became subliminal messages, Sex became easy, The word ‘love’ is used out of context., Insecurities became a way of thinking, Getting jealous became a habit, Trust is hard to come by, Being hurt became natural. Leaving became the only option, Sad but true, So if you have something…that is worth it,..don’t take it for granted, Fight for it,don’t let it go”       pinterest Summary – Be selfish,thanks to the inventions. indulge in your liking,Drink till you drop dead,fight without any reason,Ego is your life,jealousy is your partner, Greedy is your nature,Killing innocents is your taste,care not anybody,you owe the happiness you deserve,forget about dieting & exercises which are all money-making machines,,cheating is your mantra,money is everything and enjoy dying your own death,you owe nothing to anybody! Is this the lesson modern-day life style teaching us ? Is this the meaning of advancement in human life ? Is this what all about relationships ? And what about ethics,values,respect,responsibilities ,family relationship ? Please share your thoughts. Thank you. Philosophy Through Photography IS Pixabay

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