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Patience is the art of concealing your impatience-Guy Kawasaki

These days it’s common knowledge that nobody is patient enough to be patient.

Results should be instantaneous.

Take anything for that matter. right from your food items (instant food) to your internet speed to faster travel time and the list is long.

There is increase demand from the people to get things done as quickly as possible.

You agree with me people’s tolerance level is becoming less and less and the majority of people complain that simply they lack time.

Is this a healthy sign or a bad sign?

I don’t know.

Now let us talk about our own blogosphere.

Some of the bloggers have clearly mentioned their ‘comment policy’ with or without moderation.

Many blogger said they prefer to

  • Moderate the comments, and thus safeguarding themselves from spammers and
  • From those who abuse or use filthy language
  • Since the comments received are in no way related to the post

We all understand and sympathize since we all know the world we are living in….the most unsafe place.

But then life has to move on…

My post is about the response time taken by the author of the post to reply to the comment he or she received.

How much time gap is considered OK to respond to the comments?

Which is ideal as far as you are concerned? (I am curious to know because a good relationship can be maintained between the bloggers)

The possibilities

  • Comment under moderation (Do you love to go this way? Some said you may lose followers because none have patience and some feel bad that even genuine commentators have to wait indefinitely)
  • Instant reply to the comment
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 24 months
  • Never
  • No comment button
  • The author of the post might have missed noticing the comment hence not replied.

I understand that due to different time zones between the two Hemispheres the response may be delayed from 6 hours to 24 hours. I feel that is perfectly OK because we the bloggers understand each other. But beyond this ??

Please share your views on this important ‘response time’.

“No one ever gets tired of Loving. But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting” Unknown

Thank you for visiting my site and taking your time to read.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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History repeats itself

Laws of learning-“The eight laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition” John Wooden

Before you start reading, please note that this post was written in a lighter vein.😃😃😃

Have you ever wondered?

My friend, the blogosphere world is funny and many times I feel strange.

This is the place I realised that ‘history repeats itself’ which makes our world more interesting!

Any topic (of your interest) you take up and start preparing the post, you realise that already somebody has covered it.

Since it’s already covered, now you have no other option but to do research only to find that you are not able to move further.

Now what is left for you to write and whom you are going to attract?

What exactly you do now?

My friend, remember the formula, R E P E A T

Of course, blogs narrating ‘personal journal’, don’t come under this category.

Repeat, repeating…repeated…

So virtually what we are doing is either repeating what we have already said or borrowing from others and putting the same thing with an added colour.

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely, but they are the same old pieces of coloured glass that have been in use through all the ages” Mark Twain

This quote in simple language tells us not to claim ‘originality’

Mark Twain felt this trend of ‘new idea’ runs through all ages.

Is that the reason the phrase ‘ Old wine in new bottles ’ is popular?

Probably yes.

Definitions.net says ‘An existing concept or institution offered as though it were a new one ‘

Not just limited to writing, Take any field for that matter

Read Jim Jarmusch quote and you decide yourself.

The quote author talks of ‘Authenticity’ of a different kind

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” Jim Jarmusch

Do you agree?

What about myself?

The photos I have taken with the © symbol PTP are from my camera.

For the rest of the images, I have given due credit to the creators.

The quotes I mentioned are not from me but those from authors we knew and the rest from unknown authors, and I mention the same in all my posts.

What about you, my friend?

I am just curious😃😃😃

Have a great day!

Thank you for visiting my site.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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Braggart or Modest? or Very modest?

Humans are always funny


Our minds are quirky!

My topic is limited to the blogosphere.

In the blogosphere, it’s interesting to note that we come across varieties of personalities.

This makes blogging a learning tool, interesting, exciting, disappointing, depressing or can lead to jealousy and hatred.

Let us dive further.


“Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack” Spanish Proverb

A braggart is a very boastful and probably talkative person.

Here the person concerned talks a lot about self and their achievements, otherwise known as ‘blowing your own trumpet’.

Braggarts enjoy their gloating

In real life- Nobody likes a braggart.

The point I am stressing is…it’s OK to share your success, but never undermine others.

Some basic Examples in the blogosphere-

  • How a person mastered the art of blogging quickly or
  • How one got followers from nil to millions in a short span etc or
  • The number of blogger’s awards received in such a short time etc
  • Display of statistics

As if it’s a sort of milestones in one’s life!!

My friend nobody is interested in your milestones in the blogosphere


Nobody has got time to look at your success. If at all you may invite more heartburn!

The worst thing that could happen…you might be sounding like a narcissist!

My friend, I know that your intentions are good and you might be thinking that you are encouraging other bloggers, but sadly many newbies get disappointed as to why they couldn’t achieve your feat.

Why do newbies think that way?

This world lives and swears-only by comparisons

Are you comparing yourself to others?

People always forget that ‘Success’ comes to each person by his/her own efforts/ability, and not by copying other’s methods.

Braggarts can come out and say, they never meant boasting, just they are only thanking the followers and are expressing their gratitude.

In this case, a simple thank you fulfils the purpose.

“People get tired of listening to your perfect love story when they’re struggling with their own.”
Sarvesh Jain


A modest man is usually admired if people ever hear of him” E W Howe

A person is modest who is very successful but doesn’t call attention to this.

Here the blogger is very popular, almost getting not less than 200 to almost above 800 comments/ likes and mind you …in a short time of fewer than 60 minutes of posting their article.

Has many followers, but never makes it a point to hammer the achievement in his/her blog posts.

Is this trait good or bad?

Being moderate is neither positive nor negative.

One is at peace with oneself and just minds his or her own business at the same time helpful to the society.

My friend, modesty is said to be a great virtue as opposed to vanity.

If anybody appreciates his or her work, the modest person acknowledges and moves on.

The person is unassuming and doesn’t brag or speak highly of his/her achievements

Very Modest

It’s the combination of Very + Modest.

“I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing” Audrey Hepburn

These persons are well-read, highly intelligent, experts in their chosen field and respected in the blogosphere community.

This person is outright free from vanity or boastfulness. Humble in their attitude towards others.

They just mind their business while being helpful to others.

They are polite and extremely decent.

We are fortunate that we do come across such great personalities in the blogosphere.

Did I brag?

As a beginner I used to get elated whenever there is a good response from the community, I felt happy and expressed my sincere thanks to my community when WP informed me that My followers reached the magic count of 1337 (since it’s said to be an angel number)

I even got a pleasant feeling when somebody nominated me for the blogger’s awards.

It’s also exciting whenever I get a pop up from WP saying, ‘BOOM! your blog appears to be getting more traffic than usual-a spike in your stats’

Now I think I have become more mature.

It’s high time that I remove the widget detailing the number of hits on my blog

What are your thoughts my friend?

Do you love to brag or you are content with being modest?

In case you bragged, did your ‘follower count’ increase or decrease or it made no difference?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
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How do you respond?

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” Thomas Berger

We all get excited and happy whenever we get a new ‘follower’ in WP and also when the total count jumps.

It’s natural and part of the human mindset.

These followers ‘follow’ you for different reasons

✔Some are genuinely interested in the topic or niche you have chosen

✔Some follow you because of the same wavelength between you both in the communication matters

✔Some follow you because they expect you to return favors

✔Some follow you to get your attention regarding donation

✔Some follow you to sell their products

You can enlighten me further, if you find more reasons.

And I have 15 questions for you and I want you to be frank because this can clear doubts of many and can be helpful to all, as everyone continues their saga in the blogosphere

I know that every blogger is a King or Queen in their own way and need no explanation to give and are the deciding persons but still, I just wished to know the correct answers from people like you who are good in your observations.

#1. Do you ‘follow’ every blog that follows you?

#2. Do you ‘like’ the blog posts, though the subject is of not your interest, but still click the ‘like’ button for some of their posts because they regularly ‘like’ your posts and you don’t wish to displease them? Are you justified by your act?

#3. Do you ‘unfollow’ a blog, though they are following you? Any specific reasons? Too many posts or deviations from the original concept of the blogger?

#4. How do you respond to the bloggers, who ‘follow’ you and you in turn ‘follow’ them, but when you check their blog, you are surprised to note that it’s in a foreign language?

#5. If the blog is in a foreign language do you still attempt to check the post via Google Translate?

#6. Do you regularly check who all ‘unfollowed’ you, after ‘following’ you in the beginning? who is at fault?

#7. Are you the type, who is least bothered about who is ‘following’ or who has ‘unfollowed’ you?

#8. Did you any time get angry/helpless because nobody is following and you even decided to quit once for all? 

#9. Are you able to join the discussion in every blog that you ‘follow’?

#10. What is the ‘ideal number of blogs humanly possible to ‘follow’ and join the discussion regularly?

#11. Do you check your WP statistics regularly and either get excited or depressed?

#12. What you have decided when you have exhausted the free quota? Do you go for a paid account or start another blog in a different name and transfer your hard earned ‘follows’ to your new blog?

#13. How frequently you donate or buy  in the blogosphere?

#14. Are you not surprised that everybody is advising everybody in the blogosphere and how much these pieces of the advice having an impact on you and your life?

#15. At any time, somewhere in your mind, did you feel jealous, because you noticed that a blogger having 100 ‘follows’ getting 300 comments and you having 3000 ‘follows’ getting less than 50 comments? 

I know my friend, too many questions and difficult to answer one by one.

It’s OK.

Take it easy.

Inhale and exhale.

The human mind is too complex!.

Two quotes come to my mind about the human mind

“Our mental limitations prevent us from recognizing our mental limitation.”  Dr Robert Burton

“The moment we think we know the answer, or even the question, we close down our options to explore & we can no longer find the things that we didn’t know to look for.”  Sonja Blignaut 


Thank you in advance.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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Can blog articles impact your life?

Yes. But to some extent.

It’s said 500+ sites  are  built each day in WordPress alone.

And we all love to post articles and are eager to get readers to read our posts.

Courtesy of the internet, we can garner both useful and useless knowledge.

Social media plays a much bigger role in enriching knowledge and expanding friendship across the continents.

One experiences both confusion & clarity.

Some of the sites are full of advice

But then the advice is advice.

And this advice is an unasked suggestion.

Are you sure that the writer himself or herself followed the advice?

Spreading knowledge with helpful tips is one thing and giving advice unasked is another thing.

It’s up to you to decide

You are the King.

You are the Judge, Jury and the Executioner.

Some of the posts include the daily chores right from getting up in the morning till one goes to bed. How much impact the reader is going to have?

Again, I am clueless.

Many said it’s the easiest way of time management! or it can be a way of killing the time!

Do you agree?

Do you read the entire post or just scroll?

What is the secret that one gets glued to the post?

How much time does one spend reading the post?

Do you love writing a comment?

What are your thoughts on the length of the post?

My understanding

  • A blog can help one expand the network, especially in the business aspect.
  • Writing skills improve.
  • Maybe with popularity, one may become an influencer in the long run.
  • Introverts gain confidence.
  • One can fulfil one’s passion.

Take home message

“What you do, has a far greater impact than what you say” Stephen Covey

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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Do you love receiving comments on your blog post?

What a beautiful way of reaching out to the readers!

We the readers in WP blogosphere love blogging!

That is the main reason we are in the blogosphere.

Every blogger, worth the salt expects somebody irrespective of gender, age, at some time, in some corner of the world… to find time to read their blog post.

After all, as a blogger, you have taken so much of time, pain, stress, and hardships despite your other daily commitments to prepare the article to the best of your ability.

You wish fellow bloggers to…..not just read your post but also like it, and even expect feedback in the form of comments, even though they may not be following you.

Is it not exciting when readers take their time to leave a comment on your posts?

This is human instinct… natural and nothing wrong.

Do you like reader’s comments on your blog articles?

“Comments are the life blood of every blog. It indicates that people like and enjoy engaging with your content.” Josh Kotsay

My topic is limited to the disabling / enabling comments feature in WP

Disabling / Enabling Comments feature

Ultimately it’s the blogger’s choice!

We come across four categories of people.

✔️ Those who disable the comments feature

  • Some bloggers who are highly popular and they get more than 100 comments in less than 1 hour of publishing their posts and they find it very difficult to reply to every comment, and so they may disable it.
  • Some bloggers are worried or stressed because of the negative comments they receive since their posts are highly controversial and so disable the comment section.

“We can all agree that Social media is an amazing platform where we can interact with and meet people and that we probably would have never had the chance otherwise, right? However, it also sadly become a place where some people go to share negative thoughts and comments.” Peyton List

  • Some may disable because of the spam and irrelevant / self-promoting links they get regularly.
  • Photography bloggers may opt to disable the comment feature because photos reveal all the thoughts rather than big talk.
  • It is said comments don’t make significant contributions to SEO.

✔️ Those who enable comments feature but keep the comments under moderation (pending review)

  • Some authors are prompt and quickly moderate and allow the comment to be posted.
  • Some may delay in responding, keeping the commentator in suspense who may lose interest to further interact with the author.
  • The time factor can make or break the relationship.

✔️ Those who enable the comment feature, and respond to the feedback

  • Fortunately, the majority of us are not big-time bloggers with several comments and have enough time to respond.
  • Most of us are sincere with our blog etiquette.
  • Some bloggers reply to the comments they receive immediately. This is possible when readers are in the same time zone.
  • Some bloggers respond to the comments they receive between 6 to 12 hrs time gap. This can happen because of the time difference from west to east.
  • Some bloggers do reply to the comments they receive but after a gap of 10 to 20 days, much to the disappointment of the reader who might have even forgotten that he/she left a comment!

✔️ Those who enable the comment feature but never reply to the feedback.

“Anyone can start a blog, but the real test is getting readers.” Jon Morrow

  • Not replying to the comments can happen if the person is busy with Almighty.
  • What happens when the author continues to post but ignores replying to the comments he/she receives from readers?
  • Why the hell this person has enabled the comment feature in the first place?

What about those situations where you wanted to comment but you notice-‘Comments are closed’ ?

In this situation,you are helpless because some of the authors like to close the comment section after 25 to 45 days from the date, the article was published.

The idea is to stop spamming.

What about 0% of the comments you received, although you enabled the comment feature?

My friend, you are the cause of the smile on my face today for this question.


It’s very simple mathematics involved and it’s elementary my dear Watson.

It means that you are 100% right👍👍👍🎉🎉 and nothing much left to comment or…

You are 100% wrong and nothing else to discuss🤔🤔

Which you prefer-More engagement or More followers?

“Follower numbers are less important than follower engagement, enthusiasm, and love for your blog.” Henneke Duistermaat

What is the best thing you can do if you receive a negative comment?

Just ignore and move on!

Or simply say

“No comments” is also a comment” Prateeksha Kaushal

One last but important thing to remember

Many times genuine comments get trapped by your spam folder for unknown reasons.

If you don’t un spam them you may lose readership.

Make it a point to go to your spam folder under comment’ section of your dash board and unspam genuine comments.

You can do it once in 2 or 3 days

My thoughts

  • I am of the strong opinion that blogging is nothing but conversations and the exchange of ideas and sharing thoughts.
  • Always I keep my comment feature enabled.
  • Relationships are built and nurtured and you can try to understand your followers better so that you can decide your topics.
  • Frequent engagement helps to build a successful blog.
  • Many times your readers can understand you better and vice-versa.
  • Unhealthy and depressing comments you can always delete and you have this provision available.
  • Regularly check your spam folders and un-spam genuine comments

“Social media is a phenomenal tool for building your audience, connecting with new people, and growing your business but it will only work when you are consistently present, engaging with your audience, and giving them content they will love.” Joan Harrington

What about you?

How do you respond to the comments you receive on your posts?

Do you respond quickly or take some time or don’t like to interact with your readers?

If you love to disable the comment feature what could be the reason?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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Does free will exist ?

Free will

Free will carried many a soul to Hell,but never a soul to Heaven Charles Spurgeon

It’s a 3.5 minute read.

What is free will ?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, it’s ‘the ability to decide what to do independently of any outside influence’

Is your free will is a choice or is it predetermined ?

I am sure it is predetermined.

It’s a complicated and confusing subject for a short discussion but I make it simpler by some basic examples.

  • When you were born you couldn’t choose your parents.
  • Neither you gave your free will to your parents.
  • Neither you could choose your gender or even color.
  • Being born,physically challenging is not because you choose this.
  • Your parents decided your siblings
  • Your parents decided your schooling and not you.
  • Your joining a college,getting a degree,getting employment,your salary are all decided by somebody else.
  • You being a good or bad character is decided by your status of ‘Karma’.
  • You are governed by the laws of your country.
  • If you are a religious person,you can’t go against scriptures.
  • Diseases entertain you uninvited and overwhelms you with complications.
  • At any given part of your life, you are dependent on somebody for something.
  • Your very thoughts in your brain are because of some unknown factors influencing your intellect.
  • Even marriages are made in Heaven
  • You being fertile or barren is not in your hands.
  • Your choice of food is determined by un-explainable triggers from your brain.
  • You develop bad habits,because of somebody or some problem…not because of your free will.
  • Your habits are forced upon you by your thoughts from un-explainable chemical forces acting on your mind.
  • You don’t die out of free will.Suicides too happen because of some situations,not because of free will. If I go a step beyond humans…
  • Why Planets never deviate their path ?

The ‘free will’ which you think to possess is nothing but your ‘perception’.

Then why are you not in a mood to accept the fact that there is no such thing as ‘Free will’ ?

At least try to live happily….the life given to you by the Almighty, since by now I convinced you about your claim of ‘Free will’

“Free will is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure”. Scott Adams

What is that I am trying to impress ?

Whatever you do in your life time is ‘Predetermined’.This is law of universe.Every step you take is based on Action-Reaction principle depending on your Karma.

In other words when you feel that you are doing things at your free will,remember this thought of yours( free will ) is based on some unknown forces acting on your brain to think that way.Simply put ‘ Free will ‘ is a MAYA ( illusion).

You are only fooling yourself if you think that Free will is at your disposal.

“Nothing in the universe happens by chance or accident.The universe is a coherent concurrence and interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns.

In the state of awareness,all this is obvious and can be clearly seen and known.

Outside that level of awareness,it could be likened to innumerable,invisible magnetic fields which automatically coalesce or repel one’s position and which interact according to the positions and relative strengths and polarities.Everything influences everything else and is in perfect balance. David R.Hawkins

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

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Blog this way…..not that way !!

Blog this way....not that way

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspirations,the rest of us just get up and go to work Stephen King

What is the philosophy behind blogging ?

To blog is to create,to connect,to share,to learn,to inspire and get inspired.
Blogging is a more flexible medium.

Here the you can express your emotions,share your life’s experience with blogging community,get clarifications for your doubts,enrich your knowledge,meet more friends of similar wave length,exchange ideas etc.etc.

The greatest advantage is…

  • Time is all yours
  • You can prepare the article leisurely
  • Develop common interest with other bloggers
  • Be more inspirational and encouraging
  • Bringing happiness and smile to everyone involved
  • You learn a lot and spread your knowledge too, a kind of win-win situation
  • You also get relaxed and satisfied

Any disadvantages ?

  • You may get irritated for the lack of ideas
  • Unhappy when you come across articles opposite of your ideology and principles
  • Disturbed (trolls)
  • You put unreasonable demands on yourself thus subjected to stress.
  • You may not sleep peacefully since you keep up a tight schedule to post articles.
  • And your mind is agitated constantly because you have to post more articles.
  • May have marital disputes,since you spend all time in thinking about blog topics.
  • At one stage you may go in for ‘writers block’

Finally you decide…..

“O.K let me take a chance and plunge into the ‘blogging ocean‘. After all it’s not do or die situation and I am a good swimmer ”

Now the question arises…..

How to blog ?

This is million dollar question.

You are enthusiastic.You wish to be heard.
You realized that blogging is the easiest way to reach millions.

Then you are stuck.
you are not sure of the topic,and most of the topics are already discussed, dissected,questioned and deciphered.

Even if you decide to write a post you are not sure how much inspirational,it is going to be.

You can not afford to be amateurish.
People may laugh at you and even ignore you.
You may get depressed.

Some times you may be encouraged by the fellow bloggers to perform better.
You become energized.
Now you became bold.

you want more likes,more comments and unlimited number of follows and you are exited to achieve these goals.Now you are in a dream world !

You wish is to achieve these impossible tasks in the shortest time possible.You struggle for ideas.How to proceed ? ?

That is where you can utilize the principle of Beg,Barrow & Steal

Go through as many blog articles as possible,find out the various material available in tune with your interests,amalgamate the thought processes. Finally Come out successfully with your own ideas.

OMG! Is that the way you advice budding bloggers?

Come on my friend,don’t be mean.

I never recommended plagiarism.

Have patience and go through the Wise men’s quotes at the end.

3 Benefits of Beg-Barrow-Steal

1. It can be innovative ,by mixing ideas.

2. Recycling the available knowledge pool can give you more creativity.

3. Creative Commons license allows you to use its contents and you can come out with best articles.

Remember Never,never indulge in Plagiarism

Don’t forget to give credit to the authors,from whom you gained confidence and the required knowledge.

Now coming to the Wise Men’s wise counsel

If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism.If you steal from many it is research. ‘Wilson Mizner

Good writers borrow from other writers.Great writers steal from them outright. ‘Aaron Sorkin’

Good artists copy,great artists steal.Plano Picasso’

If you have reached this point, I am thankful and appreciative of your patience.


“Your ultimate consumers are your users,not search engines”   Google’s SEO starter guide

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

Inspiration-Mellisa Breau, Jon Morrow Image-pixabay derivative

Thank you

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Love is not complicated, people are


Love is not complicated ,people are

These days…relationship means… Any where without you is better than any where with you

How individual lives are changing ,relationships are thrown into the dust bin,people forgetting the meaning and value & sacredness of ‘LOVE’,

Thanks to addiction to social media & smart phones !

Relationships are harder now!

“Conversations became texting,

Arguments became phone calls,

Feelings became subliminal messages,

Sex became easy,

The word ‘love’ is used out of context.,

Insecurities became a way of thinking,

Getting jealous became a habit,

Trust is hard to come by,

Being hurt became natural.

Leaving became the only option,

Sad but true,

So if you have something…that is worth it,..don’t take it for granted,

Fight for it,don’t let it go”       pinterest


Be selfish,thanks to the inventions. indulge in your liking,Drink till you drop dead,fight without any reason,Ego is your life,jealousy is your partner, Greedy is your nature,Killing innocents is your taste,care not anybody,you owe the happiness you deserve,forget about dieting & exercises which are all money-making machines,,cheating is your mantra,money is everything and enjoy dying your own death,you owe nothing to anybody!

Is this the lesson modern-day life style teaching us ? Is this the meaning of advancement in human life ? Is this what all about relationships ?

And what about ethics,values,respect,responsibilities ,family relationship ?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

IS Pixabay

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