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Human Conversation

What is your style of conversation with people, my friend?

Do you patiently listen to what the other person saying or you interrupt the conversation frequently? Or

you are indifferent while the other person telling something?

Do you love the power of talk, as to who gets heard?

“Some people believe that being the loudest in the room makes them look strong. It may appear that way to a few uninformed individuals. What they don’t know is the more they talk, the more information they reveal about themselves (directly and indirectly). They become an easy target, and it makes them very vulnerable to attacks. Do not underestimate the power of silence.”  Izey Victoria Odiase

You may also come across people who talk nothing and say nothing.

If so, why don’t you be the first to start the dialogue and let the conversation flow?

The type of conversation among majority of the people is as follows & let us accept this.

“Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand

Most people listen with the intent to reply,Stephen R. Covey

“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.” Truman Capote

Bird’s Conversation


‘Life is so far beyond conversation,as here we sit in silence and speak”  Pamela Leigh Richards

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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