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“One can’t reflect in streaming water.Only those who know internal peace can give it to others ”  Lao Tzu

Body shame

Body shame

We are our own worst critic

Free dictionary defines Body Shame as

” The act of criticizing,ridiculing, or otherwise making someone feel ashamed about  (some aspect of ) their physical appearance,especially their weight “.

Simply put,shaming of somebody, based on the size,shape and appearance of the body.

Individuals can be fat,thin,tall or short.Body color can be black,brown,or white.These are not deficiencies but Gods way of creation.Describing a person ugly by appearance only tells about your low esteem.

Size Zero

Size zero refers to having a bust size of 31 inches,waist of 23 inches and hip size of 32 inches.

Celebrities too are responsible for promoting size zero concept,such that many young girls are falling prey to the medical disease called Anorexia Nervosa.

How body shaming can happen ?

Body shaming is said evolve in three ways.

1. Criticizing one’s own appearance through a judgement or comparison.

2. Criticizing another person in front of them.

3. Criticizing another person’s appearance without their knowledge.

( Source-Body shaming-what is it & why do we do it )

It can start from bullying in schools with nicknames,jokes and even unsolicited advice.Body shaming is a hidden villain in our society.

Some common examples:

  • You have such a pretty face,if only you would just lose some weight.
  • As you enter the store ,sales person telling on the face ‘we don’t keep stock of Plus Sizes here’ Uh-huh …
  • Are you having some health issues ?
  • Friendly tips being given to improve body posture,skin tone, hairstyle or cloths being worn.
  • Boys don’t want fat girls,a mom advising her daughter.
  • You are so skinny,not fit for joyful sex.
  • Oh see this Baldy and observe his funny looks
  • My God… is it pimples on her face or face on her pimples !
  • OMG ! Look at her, bigger assets so tempting !
  • I am going to divorce you because of your body appearance !

The list can go on……

Why we are all judgmental ?

Why most of us are instantly tempted to comment on someone else’s body ?

The whole problem starts because most of us are programmed to judge the others by their physical appearances,and the worst human habit is ‘Comparison’ and having ones own ‘Bench marks’

Can’t we develop the habit of looking at everyone as Beautiful,since all of us are created by God ?

Body shame

Image source- Ariel Winter (Ariel Winter Quotes) Nicole Shazegar

What body shaming can do ?

It ruins people’s lives.It makes one hate one’s own body.Self confidence at its worst.Many go into mental depression,anxiety disorders,stop eating, even suicidal tendencies.

Have not you heard the idiom’ one man’s food is another man’s poison ‘……this clearly tells that what you see as full of flaws may be some one else’s beauty.

Image credits-Pinterest

Is body shaming a sort of sexism ? I don’t know.


Ananamika is blogging

Readers can enlighten me further.

Thank you.
Philosophy Through Photography

Beautiful Truths of life

1.You are really beautiful.

2.When you are born you are crying but you bring smiles on face of your parents.But when you are dead ,everyone crying and you know nothing.

3.Men chase women.Sex is beautiful.

4.You are unique.

5.You can see.Its the most beautiful thing in this world.

6.A good morning wishes what you get is precious.All don’t have that.

7.You have to fight your own battle,but at the end you are successful with sincere efforts.

8.You are not the only one having the problems.That is the beauty.

9.You are here because of your mother.

10. Money is the root cause of all your problems.

11.School life ,the best part ever in your life passes in the blink of an eye,but you always cherish those moments.

12.Everything is temporary and nothing is permanent.

13. Sex is always an interesting topic for all.Age is immaterial.

14. The richest man today can become poorest in no time.So don’t waste time and energy  in minting money.

15. You can’t escape law of ‘Karma’

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

image credits-Resplash

“Please don’t retouch my wrinkles.It took me so long to earn them” Anna Magnani


Old age

“Do not regret growing older.It is a privilege denied to many”.   unknown                         Image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay 

The pressure about ageing in women comes from other women,”  Marisa Peer

Do you agree?

Do women always wish to look younger? What about men?

Curiosity, about knowing the age of women always remains a hot topic, whether in our daily routine or during meetings with other company members or while comparing one woman to another in socializing times or looking at our neighbors?

It is said one should never ask a woman of her age, I am not sure why this is so!

As far as men are concerned I don’t think the majority of them care about the age of another male.

My article is meant equally to both men and women.

Think of the industry which thrives on our money because we love to look younger

And what are the ways, we try to look pleasingly younger ??

Fake fuller lips,Acid peel,Thick brows Skin care products,Collagen supplements,botax,Silicon,hair nutrients,under eye fillers,facials,hair dyes,hair coloring liquids,moisturizer,plastic surgery,anti stretch marking products,anti blemishing solutions,anti sagging belts,anti pimples creams,fair creams……the list never-ending !

Looks like our entire body is flooded and washed with chemicals, just to achieve one single task ie. looking younger.

Again coming back to my question why should one make attempts to look younger?

I don’t have a perfect answer.

As Kwasi Baaco(quora) says there are three probable cause for older people trying to look younger

1.Attention seeking-

Who doesn’t like….. being given all the attention in the society? ( this is irrespective of age)

The majority of us love to have attention, be in our day-to-day activities or social media, in public events, in group gathering, etc.

Ladies in particular want to be the cynosure of all eyes. So the younger you look, the better attention-grabbing.

2.Sexual attraction

Let us accept the truth.

As all of us know, the younger you look, the sexier you appear.

Don’t mistake me here…I don’t mean any bad intention. Just talking about people appearing sexy, that’s all.

To be attractive to the opposite sex, one spends lots of time and money on beautifying one’s body.


The human mind and the psychology of human beings are too complex to be analyzed and understood. As we age, I mean both sexes, we feel we are nearing to the frightening and inevitable death.

Instead of welcoming death, that we are going to Heaven, far away from the hustle-bustle of the mad world, we concentrate more on looking younger, since young means… far away from death.

Don’t laugh at me for this theory….this is purely based on the psychology of the human mind, which subconsciously forever wants to taste the fountain of youth filled with nectar.

I shall add one more.

4.Fear of looking older

Older people look fragile, think that they are worthless,

Start feeling that they are avoided at every instance, nobody cares or listens.

Old people are called by all names, examples, old hag, old-timer, oldy, old fart, senile, feisty old lady.. etc.

From an industry point of view …productivity from old people is Zero.

Any idea of the word ‘ GERASCOPHOBIA’ ?

It’s a Greek word meaning deep fear of getting old

Why can’t one age gracefully?

Don’t you think there is ‘beauty’ indeed in aging?

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” Audrey Hepburn

“Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another.”   Courteney Cox

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography



Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth. Do you believe this ??

Yes I feel it is true.

It’s 2.7 minute read.

Life is a beautiful lie:

I can give many examples but a few suffice.

1. Lies are loved and truths are hated.

2. Ugly looking person suffers at every stage.

3. God is remembered only when problems are faced.

4. Every one has a dark secret.

5. Men look at women in ‘sex angle’ irrespective of age or relation.younger the woman better.

6.Money overtakes health,family,friendship and ultimately happiness.

7. Remember people only like you for what you have ,and not for what you are.The more rich you are,greater respect you command.

8. It’s impossible for you to meet your soulmate.twin flame or kindred spirit.All humbug.Each soul is unique,The theories are good for reading and for some one to enact.

9. Appetite grows with wealth.Regarding the nature of appetite ….I leave it to you.

10. Nobody cares for anything until it happens to them.

11. Menstrual cycle ( bleeding ) every month for almost 40 yrs is truly harsh.

12. Life is unfair right from birth,some are born disabled,some born rich,some born poor.

13. You have to live with the constant judgement by others of you .

14.The world is a cruel place.

15. Social media killing people.

16. The person you love most, hurts you a lot.

17. You can’t make every one happy.

18. All good things have to end.

19. People change.Friendship changes.Nothing is permanent.

20. You get what you get ,not what you deserve.

21. Life hurts a lot more than death.

22. Humans are amazing in that their sex is not limited to the same species.

23. The one certainty in life is uncertainty,

24. You only live once, so get used to the gutter.

25. Life is fundamentally sad,but with tinges of happiness.

Death is a painful truth:

1. Whether people be of high or low birth,rich or poor,old or young ,enlightened or confused,they are all alike in that the will one day die. Yamamoto Tsunetomo

2. No body cares to remember you forever after you die.

3. Death is the last intimate thing we ever do. Laurel K Hamilton

4. You can’t prevent death.

5. Death is not painful.But fear of death is painful.

Remember Woody Allen’s famous quote ?

“I am not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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