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Are you comparing yourself to others ?

Are you comparing yourself to others ?

How others see you is not important,how you see yourself means everything

We humans have a tendency to compare ourselves with others,though we are living our life and they are living their life.

Strangely, it always seem that everyone else’s life is better than ours.Is this because we feel inferior to others ?

It results in change in our behavioral pattern.

Nothing wrong in wishing to be taller,handsome or fair skinned etc.

Some factors depend on genetics.

The problem comes when you start comparing the best features of others against the average features of yours.

In the process we forget that we just have one life and we have to play our own game.

And social media making the situation worse.

“Don’t ever compare your  version of real life to someone else’s controlled online content”

” Comparison is the thief of joy  ”  Theodore Roosvelt

Is it not a fact that we lose our identity and reduce our self-worth by comparing to others ?

The whole problem starts in childhood itself,and our parents think that it’s a motivation.

The only solution I can think of is ‘ Believe in yourself ‘

” A flower does not think of comparing to the flower next to it.It just booms ”           Zen Shin

Are you comparing yourself to others ?

Dear Friends please share your thoughts.

Thank you

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