Zero Discrimination day March 1 st

Zero Discrimination day

Remember the above quote forever. ‘Zero Discrimination day’ is celebrated internationally on 1 st March,every year by UN & other international organisations. Zero Discrimination Day 2020 Theme is “Zero Discrimination against Women and Girls” The symbol of Zero Discrimination day is a Butterfly,which is widely recognized as a sign of transformation. We are all different.There is no such thing […]

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Zero Discrimination Day 1 March 2019

Zero Discimination day

1 st March 2019 On 1 st March,people around the world join together to celebrate Zero Discrimination Day. The UN celebrated Zero Discrimination Day on March 1 st 2014,after UNAIDS,a UN programme on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) launched its Zero Discrimination Campaign on World Aids Day in December 2013. Discrimination continues to […]

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