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Love is scarce- Really ?

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. ― Henry Miller Why this happens ? We all  think that, Love means romance.But it is not so. There are 7 types of love. Storge- Familial love Phila-friendship ( shared goodwill) Eros-Sexual or passionate love Agape-Universal love ( unconditional love) Ludus-Playful or uncommitted love Pragma- Long term love ( married people) Philautia-self love ( healthy or unhealthy) ( source, Quora) My discussion is limited to the married couple. Think for a second. Can you tell  the difference between ‘school and life‘ ? ” In school you are taught a lesson and then given a test.   In life,you are given a test,that teaches you the lesson” Tom Bodett So what I am trying to tell is Life gives an opportunity to learn lessons  from our experience, in this situation….. day to day problems faced by the couple,thus making them more accommodating,understanding and helpful to each other. Thus we can become wiser by experiencing these experiences. But here is the hitch. The problem comes in the unknown form of ‘E G O ‘ nullifying all the benefits of life’s lessons,which we learn over the course of time. Why can’t we make an attempt to look into this ? Why can not we prevent this disease before it strikes us ? When we are able to manage life style diseases […]

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Are you the ‘Difficult Spouse’ ?

Real relationships are not perfect and perfect relationships are not real !! If you are a wife or husband and on many occasions you think you are disappointed because of the other…..and think the other is the ‘difficult spouse’…. then this article is for you. I am thankful to you if you felt there is something wrong in either of the parties and the mistake can be rectified easily. There are two types of marriages.( Marriages are made in heaven.Is itn’t ?) 1.Love marriage 2.Arranged marriage ( In most of the eastern countries ) Irrespective of the type of marriage,both the man and the woman of his love have to adjust with each other in order to be compatible. In fact, post marriage life is full of challenges and it exposes the couple to myriads of issues. But we all know the truth. One day or other both the man & the woman have to face unpleasant situation of opposing & different opinions and views, in matters of their day-to-day ‘living together’ The reality of the so-called colourful future has to show its fangs,since it is waiting to strike first ! Once the misunderstanding happens and prolongs….There are two options available You decided you are not going to adjust at all...then Apply for divorce and probably matter can come to end to the mutual satisfaction,and thus ending the very discussion I am trying to make. If the above choice is […]

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The Happiness Of Your Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts!!

Happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts

  Destiny…… A person’s destiny is everything that  happens to them during their life, including what will  happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled  by someone or something else. Collins dictionary Destiny…..I believe, it is because of our thoughts Thought process is the cause & Effect of which is Destiny. I am sure you would have […]

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Men are actually the weaker sex.Shocked ?

“Men are actually the weaker sex” George Weinberg If you are confused  check this link Women are stronger than men 1.A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot. —Isabel Allende 2.A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument. —Anonymous 3.Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. —Hussein Nishah 4.Sure God created man before woman, but then again you always make a rough draft before creating the final masterpiece. —Anonymous 5.It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son—and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him. —Helen Rowland 6.Men have grown embarrassingly weak, but only through observation. Their resolve can easily be broken by a woman. Their emotions can be easily manipulated by a woman. Their power can be easily taken by a woman. Their pride can be easily stripped by a woman. Their entire life can easily be ruined by a woman. While physically stronger, their manipulative prowess can be wittingly outclassed by a woman. And while their dreams are stronger, the realities of women are stronger. —Lionel Suggs Men over there……. simply accept the fate and keep quite…Shh…tell not anybody,specially your girl friends !!

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Universal rules- Rule No 1.King is always right Rule No 2 If the King is wrong,then follow the rule no 1,(ie,the King is always right).

Blame Game Be frank.We all indulge in blame game,whatever may be the nature of the problem we face, because we don’t wish to take the responsibility .We even argue that we are always correct,and the other is at fault.( remember the rules…the king is always correct ! ) Very rare to find people,who blame themselves. The  unlaid rule is  I can never go wrong ! Why it is so ? Let us think. We all lie,and learnt the art during childhood and fine tune it as we grow, and to escape the situation,’lie’ comes handy. By blaming others, you are in a defensive mood,and can pass the buck easily. “Blame is a beautiful thing, baby. Blame keeps this whole planet spinning. You can point your finger at the next man, you can shift the weight onto him, you don’t have to carry that shit around yourself. You can slide into bed and get a good night’s nap. Yeah, right”. Narrator Augustus Hill ( played by Harold Perrineau) from Oz tv series Remember, Blame is fascinating – “it shapes our lives. It can be a benign way of positioning ourselves, a gentle joust or banter, or it can be poisonous, hurtful or devastating for its victims. It can tear apart marriages and fracture work relationships; it can disable major social programmes; it can inflict damage on powerful corporations; it can bring down governments; it can start wars and justify genocides”. Stephen Fineman, […]

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Is Karma really a bitch ?

English language is as simple as tough. One is proud that,it’s an international language and people from different parts of the world can communicate with each other easily. But the language is also funny,in sense derogatory words not only used but also accepted as a norm. Take the Example of the word ‘BITCH’ Oxford dictionary defines Bitch as 1.A female […]

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‘Q’ sense – Animals vs Humans…Who has got better ‘C’ sense ?

Q sense,Queue

Do animals have common sense ? We are humans  and we keep a separate identity from animals,because of our super brain.Surprisingly we lack basic  sense…….ie. Common sense. I believe that animals have common sense.( as you can see in the above photograph,how well they are disciplined ).  Let us be frank ,we lack this  (conveniently) at times when the situation […]

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Who is correct ?


By this time,you must have read the news that An American was killed by an isolated tribe in the sentinel Island of Andaman.Our sympathies and prayers are for the young boy and his family. The sentinelese people resist any attempt by outsiders to reach them.They are also protected by the Indians laws where in, it is illegal to approach them,since […]

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Ignore the ‘Agressive World’

When an obnoxious and aggressive world displays its nuttiness just say to yourself, “I have nothing to say to that.”   The world cries, “Give me your agreement or your disagreement but whatever you do, don’t ignore me!”   Intelligently notice both outer and inner darkness then quietly ignore it. Switch your attention back to the present moment with this powerful self-talk statement. You have higher things to think about and darkness’s anguish is not your concern. Every “success” darkness has is based on convincing you that its anguish is your concern. It wants you involved with it, fighting it, trying to help it. Dare to reply instead, “I have nothing to say to that!”   As The Daily Guru said once, “The resistance to the disturbance IS the disturbance.” Work with this exercise this week. Notice how good you start to feel as you cease throwing fuel on the initial disturbances – all those tiny little outer and inner fires that are very significant until you react to them. creditsThe Daily Guru Image Ashish_Choudhary,Pixabay.

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Happy Universal Chidren’s day-Nov 20 th

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. – Angela Schwindt United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. The theme is #Goblue Image-Pixabay

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Sunshine Blogger Award


My sincere thanks to   Mariana Catalina, who runs a wonderful blog by name Katherine’s blog ( in Kates World ) She is interested in variety of subjects and interested in, Articles that point to feelings, and thoughts Practical articles – about cooking, diy; Informative articles – about certain types of products, projects and others. Please do check her blog. The […]

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Happy World Philosophy Day ( Nov 15 th )

Philosophy derives from Two Greek words,Philos (love) & Sophia(wisdom). Philosophy sheds light on the causes of various situations happening in this world and when you start asking questions in the form of ‘Why’…. remember,you start thinking like a philosopher. “An unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates By celebrating World Philosophy Day each year, on the third Thursday of November,UNESCO underlines the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual “Philosophy is an inspiring discipline as well as an everyday practice that can transform societies. By enabling us to discover the diversity of the intellectual currents in the world, philosophy stimulates intercultural dialogue. By awakening minds to the exercise of thinking and the reasoned confrontation of opinions, philosophy helps to build a more tolerant, more respectful society. For UNESCO, it is also the way to unleash humanity’s creative potential and generate new ideas. Philosophy creates the intellectual conditions for change, sustainable development and peace. ” Audrey Azoulay UNESCO Director-Genera This field, which sees itself as a form of “wisdom”, teaches us to reflect on reflection itself, to continually question well-established truths, to verify hypotheses and to find conclusions. (UNESCO) It is a day for people to share thoughts, openly explore and discuss new ideas and inspire public debate or discussion on society’s challenges.( Do you know This day also includes 1.Clean your Refrigerator day and 2.Use less stuff day. Thank you […]

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Clean your Refrigerator ‘Day'( Nov 15 th )

Oh ! My Refrigerator ! Have you ever thought of giving your fridge some official leave ? I know you wouldn’t and you dare not ,Because Fridge is one item,which never supposed to ask rest or leave. When was the last time you cleaned your Fridge ? How is modern life possible without refrigerator in the kitchen ? It this not part of our life ? But strangely, all of us take this one appliance for granted.And don’t even give a glance ! But you become restless once you realize that it failed to work or you are getting an unpleasant odor ,the moment you open its door. So maintenance of our beloved refrigerator is important No body is sure why November 15 th  is selected every year( Some say Whirlpool started this ),but one way it is good,since Thanksgiving Day is going to come shortly. You need not wait till next November 2019 to clean again,it is good if  you clean it once in 3 months. Why should you care to clean the refrigerator ? Your old food may the seat for harmful germs If you don’t clean regularly,you may be tempted to eat left overs. Remember bacteria and mold can grow in hidden areas and spread contaminating the food resulting in food poisoning. How to observe the day ? ( credits-national daily ) Empty each shelf. Completely wipe down the inside of the refrigerator. Wash drawers and underneath […]

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‘Why not me God’ instead of ‘Why me God’ ?

Why not me instead why me ?,life

Existence is a strange bargain.Life owes us little;we owe it everything. The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. William Cowpe Every one has to face some problem or other.    Describing somebody that ‘the fellow is born with silver spoon’ is utter rubbish. Everybody has to undergo suffering. Whether the person suffers from cancer or just mild fever,or […]

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Can you promise,you are loyal?

People lie. They use you and they lie, all the while feeding you bullshit about being loyal and never leaving you. No one can make that promise, because life is all about seasons, and seasons change. Tarryn Fisher May be the statement is correct as for as humans are concerned.But for me my Loyal friend is my Doberman.

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Happy Single’s Day

Happy Single's day

You are going solo ? Then you can celebrate Single’s day, to-day and every year on 11 of November. It is popular in China and the date 11/11 chosen because it resembles 4 solitary bare sticks Also Number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. Heavy discounts offered during shipping hours in China. It looks, this concept yet to be popularised […]

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Just remember, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything and the wrong way is to keep trying to make everybody else do it the right way.  -M*A*S*H*, Colonel Potter

  1.‘I think there is a tendency for people to get rigid and caught up in their beliefs of what is right and wrong, and they lose sight of humanity. Being human has to come first before right or wrong”. –Matisyahu 2.The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement.  But the opposite of a profound truth may well be […]

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Science….Adding to the knowledge or Confusing the existing knowledge ??

With advanced science,excellent reasearch and invention of sophisticated tools,we are supposed to be confusion free. Ironically the same science is giving us contradictory findings. Some examples 1.Laughing vs crying It is generally said ,Laughter is the best medicine give your body booster with laughter Now a few researchers came out with opposite thought … you must cry to ease out your stress and even set the time frame as to how often you should cry. For a strees free life you must cry once a week 2. More sex vs Limited sex Too much sex disadvantages What too much sex can do to you ? ( 15 times a day ?? check the above link ) More advantages  Benefits of having more sex 15 science backed reasons to have more sex 3. Tea Vs Coffee Which drink is better for you ?.The school of thoughts for each, give us confusing signals. tea-coffee…which drink is better ? You decide. 4.Eating Chocolates Good Eating chocolates is good for you. Bad- Negative Side effects of chocolate eating 5.Nutrition advice The less said the better. All of us need not be health freaks,but we are conscious about the food we eat,more so with sugar,salt and fat.Regarding these three important food constituents…..lot of confusing things are said by researchers. Earlier it was said eating eggs and nuts are bad due to high fat.Now they say they are the best. Earlier they said eating sweets bad for […]

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We see What we want to see & feel great about ourselves…. (and love to remember the Almighty only during agony)

In the recent discussion in blog articles about ‘Truth’ and meaning of ‘Absolute truth’ and ‘Relative truth, I realized that we forgot to discuss the role of ‘Maya’ ( illusion). Recently I came across an article in op ed of Deccan Chronicle,and thought it’s apt to understand the meaning of Maya  (illusion),in our day to day life’ by sharing the same . Before we proceed further, you should know that Sudama, is a childhood friend of Hindu Deity Lord Krishna. One day Sudama wished to have a glimpse of God’s Maya (illusion). He had heard a lot about Maya but never understood what it was as he was always surrendered to God. One day, he finally asked Lord Krishna, “What is Maya? What is the form of Maya? How does Maya untangle a man?” He directly sought answers of these questions from Lord Krishna and kept requesting him to show a glimpse of Maya. Lord Krishna replied that when time comes he shall give him the answers and also show him Maya. Then he said, “Let us go to Yamuna to take bath.”  Both of them came to the banks of Yamuna to take bath. After taking bath, Lord Krishna started dressing in Yellow and in the meantime Sudama went to take a dip in water. At the time of taking dip, Sudama felt that the river was flooded and he was being washed away in it. With great difficulty, by […]

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God vs Us

A man walked to the top of a hill to talk to God The man asked, “God, what’s a million years to you?” and God said, “A minute.” Then the man asked, “Well, what’s a million dollars to you?” and God said, “A penny.” Then the man asked, “God…..can I have a penny?” and God said, “Sure… a minute.” Is […]

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Although Bangles are worn for style all over the world,the ornament hold special significance in Hinduism. It is almost similar to the ‘Wedding Ring” in the Western Culture. For Hindu Women Bangles are of Sentimental value,symbol of good luck. A Hindu Woman is deemed incomplete without this,so much so even the poorest of the poor wear some form of Bangles. […]

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Don’t feel bad….

Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time ,twice a day. Unknown During the difficult time in life, develop the habit of  having immense  faith that situations will improve and soon your  life will be on the right track. To be frank ,this is what happens if you have a little patience and sooner the dark clouds get cleared and you get a perfect vision to see things and get ideas how best to come out of the situation in a positive way. Don’t ask me how much time it will take,remember,these are testing times and have faith and patience. Ultimately you are the winner ! SOME CONFUSION Some say the above unknow quote is nothing but Height of OPTIMISM or even go to the extent of telling us it’s Height of IDIOSY. IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS QUOTE, ARE YOU NOT BOTH A FOOL & OPTIMISTIC,since rest of the time the clock shows nothing but wrong time misleading you. Still Confused ?? Let us patiently wait for the members of the community to extend their expertise.

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Naked truth

A thousand men can’t undress a naked man. ~Greek proverb Inspiration by efisoul63 via the-naked-truth/ Since I am a layman,apologies for my ignorance. I am not sure what exactly the proverb trying to convey .I request learned members to enlighten me . Don’t you agree that proverbs give us that extra knowledge and wonderful wisdom ?? Or you think proverbs are nothing but impossibilities or sometimes even absurdities,outdated sometimes contradictory … in context of modern word’s thinking prowess ? I was not getting a proper and quick answer for the above proverb from the internet search and finally I was successful and  I felt one answer applies perfectly. “It means that honesty has no shame and nothing to hide“ Princessblaise39(Yahoo answers)   Your thoughts on Proverbs ? Curiosities in proverbs

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Cross on the Tree

Cross on the tree,Jesus christ,cross,christianity

cross on the tree The ‘Cross’ represents the universal symbol of the Christian Faith and I was lucky to see a’Cross’ from the mother nature. When I was passing through one of the hill stations, I noticed this particular tree far away from the human population , having a ‘Cross Symbol ‘ on the top . I just can not […]

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