” Happy Father’s Day “

I am glad, the concept of Father’s day celebration is catching up in India, and on this day Children wish their father for all that they are today and they remember & appreciate the role of Father on this day in particular.

Nothing like expressing one’s ‘Gratitude’.

In fact Hindu Scriptures find a place for the Greatness of the Father and many Sanscrit Shokas mention about Father being everything.

Pita swarga,Pita dharm ,Pita hi Param Tapo

Pitori pritima pannay, Priyantay sarva devata.

-Padam purana

English Translation

  • Father is compared to Heaven , Father is Religion, Father is ultimate sacrifice. He is placed at a higher pedestal than all Gods combined.

Are you a Non-stop ( Big ) Talker or a Patient Listener ?


Big talkerNon stop talking vs Silent hearingIf you re one of those,fortunate to watch any of the news channels ( especially English news channels) in India,where participants number can almost reach magic No 10, and  it won’t take much time to realise how noisy and chaotic it is.( I am not sure why in the first place,so many people are invited to participate,instead of two to three  )

1.Here every participant including the anchor talks loudly.
2. All talk simultaneously,
3. All screaming and
4. Shouting,
5. Participants Even abusing each other .

The viewer is confused regarding  the topic, and not sure why participants are arguing.

The issue on which discussion is happening, becomes irrelevant due to  digression,everybody going crazy, and viewer’s Blood Pressure rising at the end and helplessly the viewer moves to the next channel.

Here instead of debate there is a competition as to whose decibel is strongest.

May be it is the way of  Civilised Debate sans debate.

I started wondering  whether one has to be a Big Talker or a good Listener.

Ask anybody, whether they are good listeners,invariably they say  ‘YES’ ,contrary to the fact. Majority Love talking endlessly about themselves ( I talk-you Listen syndrome ) till the other becomes restless.

Loud Talker

“Some people believe that being the loudest in the room makes them look strong. It may appear that way to a few uninformed individuals. What they don’t know is the more they talk, the more information they reveal about themselves (directly and indirectly). They become an easy target, and it makes them very vulnerable to attacks. Do not underestimate the power of silence.”
Izey Victoria Odiase

One has to pay attention to the topic,about which the discussion is happening and also the content of the talk of other person explaining.

How can one become a good listener ?

  • Stop  talking.
  • Concentrate on what is said.
  • Be patient.Don’t over speak on the other
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Don’t change the subject.
  • Think before responding.                                                                                                    Big talker vs Good listener                                                                                                                                                                Big talker vs Silent Listener                    Finally ‘Destroying Ego‘ of the individual makes all the difference.

Are you worried about what to worry next ? Welcome to the World of Cyberchondriac !

CyberchondriaDr.Google According to Wikipedia  An individual with hypochondriasis is known as a hypochondriac. Hypochondriacs become unduly alarmed about any physical or psychological symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be, and are convinced that they have, or are about to be diagnosed with, a serious illness.


Cyberchondriac is a civilised way  of addressing hypochondriacs, who depend on internet for clarifying their symptoms only to be further stressed.

Put your hand on your heart and say you never tried to self diagnose your ailments through the internet .I am 100% sure that you can’t do .You not necessarily be a cyberchondriac,but you have tried Dr.Google.


 A simple search for the word  ‘COUGH’  resulted in  About 12,40,00,000 results (0.49 seconds).How do you apply your cough to so many references ? Which particular search results suits your complaint  ?



The reason for cough can be from simple cold to acid reflux to cancer of lung,though the person may not have serious problem,still referring Google and trying to find out the reason and even treatment…… seems to be a bit going too far, resulting in dangerous consequences.

The health information available on the internet need not be 100% accurate.


My experience as a Physician, with these patients  who consult Dr.Google before coming the the Physician, is really frightening……since cyberchondriac eyes, first search for the the worst scenario and if ‘cancer’ is on any list of diseases……the beginning of the end starts.

Internet has changed the way the 3 categories  i.e  Normal people,Yet to be patients and real patients…all  are taking advantage of Dr Google, only to become terrified and neurotic.


1.Normal persons, 

These people without any symptoms get anxious  because one of their relatives had suffered some terrible disease,or they read some epidemics,swine flu etc, and then start thinking about harbouring the same disease and then exhaust all the internet sources about  the disease,but still unrelieved,come to the doctor,who does all the relevant tests and declares that the person is perfectly OK ,still not sure in spite of getting assurance from the Doctor and enter into the permanent anxiety status for the rest of their lives.

2.Yet to be patients,

Some of them may be suffering from general ailments like,cold,sore throat,fever,dry eyes,and instead of approaching the Doctor, ( call it laziness.fear of Doctor,or smartness or ever availability of Dr.Google ),straight consult Dr.Google and try to get relief from Dr.Googles’ advice.When they don’t get relief,they make an attempt to see the Doctor who will diagnose the problem clinically and also with help of investigations, and start treating the patient ,who gets cured finally.Sometimes patients may approach the doctor very late when the disease yet to be diagnosed,advances,rendering the doctor helpless.

3. Those who are Already Patients.                                                                                                                                Here  we come across two types                                                                                                     

Type A. the one who is confirmed to have a disease.After completing the treatment and becoming OK still itching to go through the internet to see what other patients with same disease are commenting on their experience,trying to compare,and getting less relieved and further confused adding to the distress.                                                                                            

Type B . After confirmation of the disease by the doctor, who advises the patient to undergo operation, this patient tries to find some alternative remedy ,courtesy Dr.Google,and thanks to many quacks offering alternative treatment for this particular disease even suggesting …there is no need for operation !                                No surprise,Quacks have proliferated on the Internet . Cyberchondria

Doctors must also have a sympathetic attitude and not dismissive  when a cyberchondriac bombards them with all the details.

Have patience to spend just 10 minutes on this video clip,meaningful  discussion between and the patient  and doctors


How not to be a cyberchondriac ?

  • Have faith in yourself and your doctor.
  • Think- internet is like an ocean.Yo can not map the entire ocean floor.
  • Don’t indulge in self diagnosis through the  internet.Medical information  on the internet not necessarily be accurate.
  • Never join the group discussions on the internet about your health problems.It’s of no use.
  • There is no treatment for cyberchondria since it is not a disease and one has to have self control and avoid temptation of web search.

The real Mantra is Talk to a real Doctor instead of the Unknown Internet.                                                                       

Thank you so much for going through the post.                    

Wife & Husband -Can’t they be best friends for life ?

Best friends

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels.com

Marriages are made in Heaven 

Do you agree ? or it’s a Myth ?

Those who believe in this, say that,

It was God himself,who united a man and a woman in marriage ( Gen 2:24 ) Marriage therefore is a divine institution,not a human one ( Mat 19:6 ).Consequently God,not man, has the right to define,the terms of the institution.   Jay Adams

And the explanations given are……

1. There is a Cosmic Power that is responsible for the actions of people and marriage is decided even before one is born.

2 .Marriage is 100 % destined since it is under the influence of the Almighty.

3. Whether it is arranged marriage or Love marriage,the same Cosmic power is deciding the events to be unfolded for the perfect Date of the marriage

Those who don’t believe in the proverb have plenty of explanations,as to where the Almighty has utterly failed.

Some of the important questions put by them…

1.If the proverb is true,why there are so many Divorces,so frequently ?

Just check this advertisement.I am not joking.

For Sale: Wedding gown Worn once by mistake.Call Leslie

Divorce happening at the drop of a hat.Causes extending from silly reasons to financial problems to infidelity to substances of abuse…….you name it..it’s there and can lead to divorce.

2 .Domestic violence

  • Physical Violence
  • throwing
  • Beating
  • Slapping
  • Hitting
  • Biting
  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Pushing
  • Shoving
  • Causing body injury or pain in any other manner


Less said better,since these things are happening in so called developed world,developing world and underdeveloped world.

3.Couple incompatibility

“Are you a compatible couple ?

Compatibility comes from Latin Compati,meaning’to suffer with”If you are not willing to suffer with someone until death do you part.then you are not compatible”  @Jasonevert

No two persons are the same.even if you think that they are same in their interests and personalities ,still their individual reactions to the demanding situations vastly vary.

4. Ego clash

“I have never yet met with anything that was dearer to any one than his own self”  Buddha

“The only person I’ll marry is myself.Believe me,my ego is that big ”  Maxbeesley

No body can help if one is not able to avoid Egoistic attitude

5. Couple in illusion mode

Don’t rush to fall in love,because even in fairy tales,the happy ending takes place in the last page   Jarofquotes.com

Many of us believe in Hollywood or Bollywood version of romance,passion,sex,hero kissing the heroine,lots of colorful fireworks in the background,decorated Horse,waiting for the couple,forever romance and happy endings.

There is enormous difference between living ‘Happily ever after andHappily ever before ‘

“So they were married ,to be the more together and found that they were never again so much together Divided by the morning tea, By the  evening paper,By children and tradesmen’s bills”. Louis MacNiece   

One has to face the reality . Things are different-,like arrival of children,loans,dealing with in laws,unnecessary fighting’,controlling anger etc.etc.

6.Extra Marital Affairs

Call it middle age crisis or fun and after a few years of married life ,people get bored,loose passion for love and start searching for new ways to get boost to their sexual need.These are occasions when one needs self control.

Ultimately Who are we to question the Wisdom of the God ?

My feeling is,to let wife & husband recognize all their strengths and Weaknesses and be helpful to each other and their family at the same time knowing and even realizing the Greatness of what is known as Institution of Marriage

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Happy couples

A Happy relationship is made up of two good Forgivers

Behind every happy couple, lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference be that way .Why ?? Because it’s what they wanted. ‘  unknown

Marriages are mad in Heaven

Glad,You reached this point .Kindly share your views and ideas on ‘Institution of Marriage’

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Credits- Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels.com

Devils Deep Discussion ( of scripture )

good vs bad

There is no neutral ground in the Universe:Every square inch,Every split second, is claimed by God and counter claimed by Satan. C.S.Lewis

There is always conflict between Good & Bad. Things are well discussed and dissected in   the religion,ethics,philosophy &  psychology.

Right from childhood we are taught to be good and  that good should prevail.

As kids we are taught by parents of virtues of being good.

But then some us continue to be good or turnout to be bad as per the society.Life is not      that simple to classify as who is good or who is bad.                                                                   Good Vs Bad

One loves to be good all the time,but circumstances can change ones’s intentions Humans are said to be unique in having ‘ conscience’, which separates them from ‘Animals’ and humans are capable of moral judgement.Many times ,one goes against ones’ conscience,and one alone can give the explanation,and also take responsibility.

Personally I believe majority of us belong neither to the extreme good nor extreme bad and lie somewhere in between.

Good Vs Bad


Finally we are the way we are and what is good to you, likely to be bad for others, and the conflict between God and Satan continues……..


Human being vs Being human

What is Human Being ?

Scientists call us Homo sapiens,a member of the Animal Kingdom,however we are fortunate and never addressed by a fellow human being as an animal.Human being is a complex matter, and nobody is able to figure it out.

May be a specialized animal,which can think,talk,express,and has bones and flesh.

Human being Vs being human

So what ? Other animals also can do these things,talk in their language,can communicate, have bones and flesh too .

May be we are the only animals that Laugh & Weep ! May be we are unique animal with ?? conscious . May be we have upright Stance etc.etc.

What is being Human ?

Being Human has a long definition One is easily tempted to define being human as one who is sensible to others pain,who is kind,compassionate,caring.helpful,devotional,merciful,not war mongering,,ethical, always on righteous path,generous,free from anger,jealousy,Oh! let me take a breath.You can further add etc.etc. All these good characters are supposed to be shown on the fellow Human beings.

So if a person has all the above qualities can we safely address this person as Being Human ?
I don’t think so and I feel that being human,no longer can be tagged with these qualities,but one should go beyond, I mean we should stretch the definition to the one who takes care of preserving Nature from being destroyed, and takes care of other living creatures( you name it…it’s there ) of God.

Desstruction of Nature

Being Being Human,also means to take care of the Nature,Nature in turn takes care of you

Some intelligent Human being even coined the term ‘Humane Killing’. It is said that by stunning the animal before killing is automatically Humane ( bad reputation for being Human ), since the animal suffers less in this method.Killing is killing and how can one justify ‘less suffering’. Suffering is suffering and nothing less or more in it.

Why can’t we Being Human,show the same kindness to animals what we supposed to show to other human beings ??

Humane Killing

How nice and kind if we behalve differently towards animals ?


source Google Images

Liebster Award

Leibster Award

My sincere thanks to Radhika Acharya of Radhika’s Diaries for nominating me for Leibster Award for 2018.

The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who they think need encouragement and recognition. It was started by The Global Aussie in 2011.

The rules for the 2018 Award are as below :

• Thank the person who nominated you
• Display the award on your post
• Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging
• Provide 10 random facts about yourself
• Answer the questions given to you
• Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award
• Ask them creative and unique questions of your own
• List the rules and inform your nominees of the award

I wonder,why and how the Nomination number is stretched to odd ELEVEN,probably some enthusiast can help.

Post a comment in the comments section of the official Liebster Award 2018 announcement so that your post and your blog can be officially judged.

Why I am passionate to Blog in this Avatar ?

Well,it is said everyday 3.2 billion images are shared on the internet.I started wondering how many images actually impact our routine ? What is the idea of taking so many photos leave alone sharing ? Just for the thrill ? So I felt like posting the photos that express some inner thoughts.

Photography is not just imagery. Photography is an art form that uses imagery to express ideas. This means that in order to create powerful photography, we must express powerful ideas. Don’t be afraid to express the way that you feel because the more interpretive an image is, the less likely it is to make an impact. ‘Will Moneymaker

10 random facts about myself :

  1. I am from India, and a  physician.
  2. Love Photography & travelling.
  3. Can speak 5 languages.
  4. I am a patient listener.
  5. Never get Angry.
  6. Have very limited friends circle.
  7. Love interacting with people
  8. My weakness – A bit lazy
  9. My strength- My patience.
  10. Time sense-Lack it ( because of profession )

The intelligent questions Radhika Acharya put are

1. If given a chance, what would you like to change about yourself?

boy in blue and white shirt playing near on body of water with boy in red shirt

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I just wish to go back to my early childhood days ( say between 5 & 8 Yrs ),I still remember How carefree we were ,playing games,nothing much to learn or read, and pampered by parents and grandparents.

2. What were you looking for when you started your blog?

Since the blogging community is as vast as an ocean,I was sure to have people with similar wavelength,which can give an opportunity to learn a lot from fellow bloggers.

3. A movie, book or friend – which one for company when feeling low?                  

Source Tony Wrighton

source TonyWrighton

        Book- Because it is available,the second I need it.

4. What 3 things do you always carry in your purse/wallet?                                                Of course minimum currency required,One God’s Photo and Emergency phone             number along with blood group details

5. Have you ever dreamed of doing something out of your comfort zone?                                                                                                 source Successculture.com                                                                                           Yes.They say that outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

6. Do you have any OCDs (obsessive compulsive disorder)?                                               No

7. Which do you favor – a white lie or a candid truth?                                                          Candid Truth.

8. What freaks you out most?                                                                                                          When somebody makes illogical argument

9. What is the thing that most irritates you in a person?                                                

pay toilet

source Bulawayo

     Toilets you have to pay for

10. What does this award mean to you ? It’s quite encouraging, especially for a                  beginner,and I  admire  and proud of the mutual respect all of us as bloggers                possess.

I would like to nominate the following lovely and quite interesting blogs  with wonderful persons behind the show

Manuel Osornio, ( Great Sayings ) sfkfsfcfef, ( Blog dedicated to the Nature )

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Rupaljain ( quotes )   Pia Majumdar ( a great writer )  curious kid (crispy blog)  Prashant Singh ( thoughtful)  Shreya Garg (speaking Shreya) Vspace  (Dr.Vijay Ramnath)  Patrickstories   The Hotch Potch

Dragon Flies Smile

Now it is my pleasure to add some questions for them.

  1. How many followers on your blog ,are enough to satisfy you ?
  2. What is the hidden talent you have,yet to be explored ?
  3. How do you deal,when you are surrounded by people with negative thoughts ?
  4. Define Happiness.
  5. What is the best part of your childhood ,you still remember and  cherish ?
  6. If nobody does a like,share or recommend  your blog post,why you think it is so and what you would do ?
  7. What is the craziest thing ,you think you did when you were a kid?
  8. How frequently, you think you should post your blog articles ?
  9. Do you believe in THE law of ‘Karma’ ?
  10. As the Richest person  in the world,what proportionate money you are willing to spend on and what is the reason ?                                                                                                   That’s all folks.Thanks you so much for taking your time.                                                                     H A P P Y  B L O G G I N G !!

Peace of mind vs Piece of mind




calm daylight evening grass

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”       Dalai Lama            Image pixabay

What is peace of mind ?

Peace of mind is…. inner tranquility or inner peace,absence of turmoil,having sound sleep in the night.

What about piece of mind ?

piece of mind

To give someone ” a piece of your mind” often results in giving your “peace of mind” away    unknown       image source Boston University

Piece of mind is … expression of somebody’s thoughts,rather some kind of advice or opinion.

Which category you belong?

Are you the one,willing to give peace of mind not just to yourself,but also to others? or

Are you the one,just love to give your piece of mind to each and every one,whether required  or not ?

In other words

Are you a big talker (giving your piece of mind ) or a  listener (comforting others)

As far as I am concerned ,I love to be a silent listener.

Curious question- Do blog articles/Social media etc  give us Peace of mind or Piece of mind ? Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to reach the end.


Like father …….like son

like father like son

By the time a man realizes that his father was right,he has a son who thinks he’s wrong. ‘Charles Wadsworth’

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