Happy international women’s day

Happy international day for women

Do you give ever a fraction of your time in thinking the woman’s role in the society ? Woman plays many roles in the society.The truth is she is all in one,starting with mother,Sister,wife,daughter,colleague,friend….I can go on,but most shamingly given no importance by the male dominated society !! Can you recollect modern day woman’s life ? Don’t wear revealing dress […]

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“Happily ever after”….

Will you marry me ?

Merriam Webster defines Fairy-tale as ” A story in which improbable events lead to a happy ending ” Is ‘fairy tale’ possible after the marriage ? Happiness you see,it’s just an illusion of fate,a Heavenly sleight of hand,designed to make you believe in fairy tales.But there’s no happily ever after.You’ll only find happy ending in books.In some books Ellen Hopkins […]

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Zero Discrimination day March 1 st

Zero Discrimination day

Remember the above quote forever. ‘Zero Discrimination day’ is celebrated internationally on 1 st March,every year by UN & other international organisations. Zero Discrimination Day 2020 Theme is “Zero Discrimination against Women and Girls” Source-Unique2brilliance.com The symbol of Zero Discrimination day is a Butterfly,which is widely recognized as a sign of transformation. We are all different.There is no such thing […]

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