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Perfect Wife ?


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Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other person is the Husband

Husband is the head of the family and wife is the neck that turns the head around

Marriage is a workshop, where the husband works…. and wife shops…….

If you want your wife to listen to you, then talk to another woman: she will be all ears       Sigmund Freud

Two golden rules to a happy marriage

  1. The wife is always right
  2. When you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read the rule No 1 again

9 out of 10 husbands agreed that their wives are always right. The 10 th one has not been seen since the study was conducted.

Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You are one of them…🤣

A good wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong    Milton Berie

The ideal husband understands every word his wife doesn’t say, Alfred Hitchcock

Laughing at your own mistakes can lengthen your life, Shakespeare

Laughing at your wife’s mistake can shorten your life Shakespeare’s wife

In my house, I’m the boss. My wife is just the decision-maker


Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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Happily ever after…


Happily ever after

After going through years of litigation to get royalties due to him,the guy who coined the term ‘ Happily ever after ‘ lived reasonably well for a while Demetri Martin     photo by Kumar Saurabh.Pexels

Merriam Webster defines Fairy-tale as

” A story in which improbable events lead to a happy ending ”

Is ‘fairy tale’ possible after the marriage ?

Happiness you see,it’s just an illusion of fate,a Heavenly sleight of hand,designed to make you believe in fairy tales.But there’s no happily ever after.You’ll only find happy ending in books.In some books Ellen Hopkins

Why can’t you be realistic rather than expecting Mills & Boons type of Romantic novel stories ?

Why do you…specially addressed to you,the young generation fall into this trap ?

You are wise enough to know that it is a myth and a thrash !

Then why you have great expectations ?

12 solid reasons why married people are not wholly happy

Why you HOPE to have an everlasting happiness based on your romanticism of future, only to be disturbed emotionally in the initial stages and later, get depressed,disappointed,dejected even divorced and crying all the time ?

I have a fairy tale for you.Short & Sweet and Please don’t cry !

Read this shortest fairy tale.

Will you marry me ?

Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

Once upon a time an average looking guy asked one beautiful girl ” will you marry me ?

The girl without hesitation said “NO”

And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer scotch and his favorite tequila and saved plenty of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted and many times forgot to clean his shit as he was enjoying his life meant to be lived happily ever after.

The End

How to make the young couple understand that Life is not a Fairy Tale ?

Mirror sighed. “I believe everyone deserves a happily ever after. But I think that happy endings don’t just happen by accident- you can’t wait for one. You have to make them happen. Michael Buckley

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,always with the same person. Mignon Maclaughli

It’s only possible to live ‘happily ever after’ on a daily basis Margaret Wander Bonnano

Wife & Husband-Can’t they be best friends for life ?

Any Lessons ?

‘And they lived happily ever after’ is one of the most tragic sentences in literature.It’s tragic because it’s falsehood.It’s a myth that has led generations to expect something from marriage that is not possible Joshua L Liebman

I must say that the biggest lesson you can learn in life is not castle in the skies,happily ever after.The biggest lesson we have to give to our children is the truth.we’re all built with illusions.And they break. Goldie Hawn

Please share your thoughts

Thank you.
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12 Reasons Why married people say,they are not wholly happy ?

Are married couple happy ?

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”   Friedrich Nietzsche  Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

“A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong”   Milton Berle

Jokes apart,as a married person have you ever felt ‘unhappiness’ ?

Read this….

There is a sea of difference being married & being committed.

‘Being married’  is for the consumption of outside world.

‘Being committed’ is for you both.

Now that you know the difference…. it’s easy for you to dig further to analyse as to why,unhappiness creeps …now and then.

When marrying ask yourself these questions:Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age ? Everything else in marriage is transitory.     Friedrich Nietzsche

These are some of my thoughts.

1.Freedom– After the initial euphoria died down,you start feeling that your freedom is slowly getting disturbed.You can’t do what ever you want to do because the other person in your life also has to have a say in your decisions.So you feel you have lost your Personal Space and have to wait for the better half’s green signal.

2.Additions to the family– This causes great burden on both of you.Lady is busy taking are of kids and has reduced time to spare  for her man.Both of you should take care of children properly to give the kids a better future,rather than arguing and fighting in front of children.

3. Interference of in laws– Less said better.

4.Sexual needs/demands– it should be natural.It should be adjusting.Sex should be more for love rather than a necessity.

5.Differences in opinions-It happens in every family.Try to sort it out in an amicable way.You be the first one to respect the others opinion and both of you think together how best to come to a conclusion/decision.

6.Ego tendencies-It causes destruction of otherwise happy relationship.Both of you should avoid this with sincere efforts.Remember neither your spouse nor you, are superior.Both are equal partners.Always think of the bigger problems to be faced rather than losing peace of mind for that silly argument of a minor mistake.Have ever fought over non disclosing of the passwords ? This is where the Trust factor comes.

7.Lack of flexibility-Don’t be rigid.Otherwise situation becomes worse.Let go attachments and be willing to accept if you are wrong.Don’t have either superiority or inferiority complex.

8. Over expectations-This definitely is a cause for concern.Remember never to expect anything,otherwise it leads to disappointment and anger.

9.Extramarital relationship– I need not elaborate further.I can stress the importance of emotional intimacy with your spouse.

10.Money-This can result in a heated argument.I know money plays an important role.Adjustments in ‘spending habits’ can resolve the issue.

11.Lack of communication-Lack of communications results in frustration. and results in misunderstanding.

12.Abuse– can be Physical ( hitting )  or mental ( by hurtful words ).Please don’t do either.It’s wrong.

Wife & Husband-can’t they be best friends for life ?

“A happy marriage does not mean you have a perfect spouse or a perfect marriage.It simply means you have chosen to look beyond the imperfections in both”  Fawn Weaver

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

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