‘With no expectations,Love Blossoms’

Can you answer ? ( question series no-42 )

‘With no expectations,Love blossoms’ Don’t you agree that this statement is unrealistic and opposite of the very basic nature of human being ? We all know love can’t be unconditional. Should not the statement be ‘ Love blossoms only if expectations are fulfilled’ !! Love is a ‘verb’.So you have to be all the time saying ‘I love you’ or […]

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Can you run away from yourself ?

Can you run away from your self ?

It’s a 4.9 minute read. Can you run away from yourself ? Of course,you can run away from yourself.Why not ? It’s awful but possible. You are the Ultimate,Your decision is final ! Enjoy your wonderful dreamland ! But the tragedy is,wherever you go you carry your ‘I’ with you. What is that you want to runaway from ? As […]

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‘Blue Monday’

Each year or even once in 6 months or even once in 3 months or some times once in a week some new research findings are released about some observation. The opinion expressed may or may not be true.( The findings are based in reaching out to population and trying to figure out by certain questionnaires) Some argue that now […]

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Life is too short,Read quickly !

For Long reads usually I mention approximate time taken for reading the post. It’s up to the readers to decide whether to read or not depending upon their available time. I am also thankful for the appreciation and comments I get from the readers. Majority of my readers are kind and encouraging and many help me get that extra knowledge through their discussions. And I am proud to say that many solved my question series puzzle and gave clarity to my thoughts. I am grateful. But some times I get ‘likes’….next second of my publishing the post,though the post requires minimum 2 to 3 minutes to read. This makes me confused.I start wondering. 1.What do you think the purpose of these kinds of ‘Likes’ ? 2.What is that one can achieve ? 3.Is this a clever strategy ? 4.Or it’s convenient ? Thank you in advance. Philosophy Through Photography

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Only thing that is permanent in this life is ‘Change’

Only thing that is permanent in this life is 'change '

It’s 3.8 minute read. Some People are funny,strange,weird,unreliable,unexplainable and change unexpectedly for reasons best known to them. I hope and pray, I am not one of them. Relations,relationships,colleagues,business acquaintances,partners,travel partners,online friends,romantic relations,….you name the category,you can have it and they change over the time. Friendship is no exception. I am limiting my topic to friendship. Why do our best friends […]

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Do you hesitate to spread Love ?

Do you hesitate to spread love ?

None in this world is free and I know you are always busy with your own world with all the problems with social media adding to your tensions. Has anybody smiled because of you today ? This because you don’t have time to spread love,to be kind ,compassionate and jovial. I know you are ready with excuses. You are made […]

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Can you help me ( Please )?

Please help me !

I am in a dilemma. Can’t decide if I need a hug,a large coffee,six shots of Vodka or 2 months of travel Which is the best as per you ? Is not Vodka,the best idea ……since the feeling you get is as good as the experience of 2 months of travel in a matter of 2 minutes + you are […]

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Blog this way…..not that way !!

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspirations,the rest of us just get up and go to work Stephen King What is the philosophy behind blogging ? To blog is to create,to connect,to share,to learn,to inspire and get inspired. Blogging is a more flexible medium. Here the you can express your emotions,share your life’s experience with blogging community,get clarifications for your doubts,enrich your knowledge,meet more friends of similar wave length,exchange ideas etc.etc. The greatest advantage is… Time is all yours You can prepare the article leisurely Develop common interest with other bloggers Be more inspirational and encouraging Bringing happiness and smile to everyone involved You learn a lot and spread your knowledge too, a kind of win-win situation You also get relaxed and satisfied Any disadvantages ? You may get irritated for the lack of ideas Unhappy when you come across articles opposite of your ideology and principles Disturbed (trolls) You put unreasonable demands on yourself thus subjected to stress. You may not sleep peacefully since you keep up a tight schedule to post articles. And your mind is agitated constantly because you have to post more articles. May have marital disputes,since you spend all time in thinking about blog topics. At one stage you may go in for ‘writers block’ Finally you decide….. “O.K let me take a chance and plunge into the ‘blogging ocean‘. After all it’s not do or die situation and I am a good swimmer ” Now […]

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Go ahead….enjoy your senior moments !

Senior moments

It’s a 5.0 minute read. What is senior moment ? According to Merriam Webster “an instance of momentary forgetfulness or confusion that is attributed to the aging process”. Are you getting scared that you and your life partner have reached or soon going to reach senior moments ? Don’t worry.It is just one of the myths of ‘Old Age’. Old […]

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My New Year resolution is 1080p 😄😄

Are new year Resolutions a necessity ?

It’s 4.8 minute read. Welcome to Another new year & another set of Resolutions We can’t believe that already we are in the new year 2020.All of us faithfully plan certain promises to be fulfilled religiously,famously known worldwide as ‘New year resolutions‘ which can include a varieties of ‘ what I am going to do/not going to do stuff’. You […]

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Less comparison..more gain!

Are we guilty of comparing ourselves to others ? Unfortunately the answer is YES and all of us are guilty and easily fall into the trap. Social media no doubt adding to the misfortune. And there is nothing wrong comparing ourselves to others,in fact one gets confidence in achieving set of goals. The inspiration evolving out of comparison should be […]

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Lie & Life go together !

Lies….lies….lies Every body lies .Yes.This includes You & me. That is the truth. Can you keep your Right hand on your heart and say you never lie ? We lie even to ourselves !! Our world is full of liars!! Art of lying starts right from when you are 5 yrs old.Parents to their children,children to their parents,Friend to another friend,Husband to wife vice versa,Lovers to each other,superior to subordinate and subordinate to superior.People lie to doctors,to lawyers,to relatives,you name it,at every stage one is lying to others depending on the circumstances. The day is incomplete if you don’t lie ! And what about Surveys ,the Researchers undertake to know the pulse of the people? Are they getting the truthful response ? How about our dependence on Google for A to Z queries ? Are you getting the accurate reply? Then why on the Earth you expect others to be Honest ?? Is this not the best example of ‘Double Standard’ ? Nicholas Sparks says lie is a part of living. “Because everybody lies, It’s part of living in society. Don’t get me wrong-I think it’s necessary. The last thing anyone wants is to live in a society where total honesty prevails. Can you imagine the conversations? You’re short and fat, one person might say, and the other might answer, I know. But you smell bad, It just wouldn’t work. So people lie by omission all the time. People will […]

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all my friends a Merry Christmas. “It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”     Mother Theresa   “The Christmas spirit is a spirit of giving and forgiving ”    James Cash Penney   “What is Christmas ? It is the tenderness of the past,courage for the present,and hope for the future”.  […]

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Peace of mind vs Piece of mind

Peace of mind vs Piece of mind

What is peace of mind ? Peace of mind is…. inner tranquility or inner peace,absence of turmoil,having sound sleep in the night. What about piece of mind ? Piece of mind is … expression of somebody’s thoughts,rather some kind of advice or opinion. Which category you belong? 1.Are you the one,willing to give peace of mind not just to yourself,but […]

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Positivity in negativity

Positivity in negatitivity

Positive thinkers Be happy,be positive,be successful etc are very popular statements, we come across these days. This philosophy says, you wish any thing and be positive and you are sure to get it. So simple ! Abracadabra ! Oh My God,if only life were that simple ! Positive thinking pattern does not work just like that. The problem with us […]

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Can you answer this ? (Question series No-35 )

I love you

“I love you” comes with terms and conditions. Some say, it’s humbug and does not stand test of time since it is not bound to be unconditional. Strangely it’s the most popular sentence and the most misused sentence. Soul searchers continue to wonder whether this means anything at all and they say it’s overused. ! Is this true ? Thank […]

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Why married people say,they are not wholly happy ?

Are married couple happy ?

A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong   Milton Berle Jokes apart,as a married person have you ever felt ‘unhappiness’ ? Read this…. There is a sea of difference being married & being committed. ‘Being married’  is for the consumption of outside world. ‘Being committed’ is for you both. Now that you know the difference…. it’s easy […]

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Be careful what you wish for….

Be careful what you wish for...

What does the idiom ‘Be careful what you wish for’ convey ? It means if you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. It’s a double edged weapon.In other words,everything you choose can have good side and bad side. The wish may not be to your interest.You may have to give up something dear to […]

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The Happiness Of Your Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts!!

Destiny…… A person’s destiny is everything that  happens to them during their life, including what will  happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled  by someone or something else. Collins dictionary Destiny…..I believe, it is because of our thoughts Thought process is the cause & Effect of which is Destiny. I am sure you would have never given a thought or two about this ! “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character“. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. – Chinese proverb, author unknown Once you are aware of the destiny...take the challenge “When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” – Paulo Coelho, Quotes from The Devil and Miss Prym Now coming to Fate…… Fate is a power that some people believe controls and decides everything that happens,in a way that cannot be prevented or changed. […]

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Are you sad ?

What is sadness ? Sadness is nothing but unhappiness or grief. “It is popularly believed that sadness is due to certain things that happens to us. The cause of sadness is often traced to misfortune,hardship or humiliation In truth all sadness is from within. Sadness is the result of our inner attitude towards outer happenings”. Dada J P Vaswani The reasons for sadness are many. And all of you know. Reaction to sadness varies from person to person and depends on how sensitive the person is. Sadness can break the person completely and even push into suicidal tendencies. Some cry to get relief,some indulge in self harming,some manage the show by fake smile,but still many are unable to come out of the feelings. We all should realize that nothing is permanent in this life. Change is the way of life. Whether it is sadness or happiness it won’t last forever and comes alternatively and this is nature’s law. Every thing changes over the time and time is the greatest healer! Whatever may be the reason for sadness…never keep the emotions inside. Remember it’s like a Time bomb. What is the solution ? Yes solution available. A sad person needs another person who understands him/her 100% The sad person just needs this person on whom he/she can lean on and cry their hearts out. Believe me the relief is instant ! Dear friends,please share your thoughts. Thank you Philosophy Through Photography […]

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Can this be true ?

I read this in the internet. Is this real or poking fun ? I feel it’s too much ! Here are seven unknown facts about women. 1.They believe in saving 2. Believe in saving but buy expensive clothes. 3. Buy expensive clothes but never have anything to wear. 4. Never have anything to wear, but always dressed beautifully. 5. Always […]

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12 things that don’t matter in your life

All of us know that there are lots of things that don’t matter in our life but still we give greatest importance these things and willing to undergo self torture, forgetting the real matters where importance has to be given. Please share your thoughts too. Some of my thoughts…… Other peoples opinion of you Hundreds of Your Facebook,Instagram,snap chat followers […]

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Osho’s birthday celebrations

Osho is both a controversial and popular spiritual Guru ( Neo Sanyasa movement ) from India,a professor in philosophy,popular as ‘Acharya Rajneesh’.His birthday being celebrated on 11 th December by his followers. He is founder of ‘Osho international Meditation center.’in Pune,India. He was popular for advocating an open attitude towards sexuality. Some of his quotes “No man understands the woman,No woman understands the man.And that is the beauty of their being together” ” If you love a flower,don’t pick it up.because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.So if you love a flower let it be.Love is not about possession.Love is about appreciation”. ” Friendship is the purest love.It’s the highest form of love where nothing is asked for,no condition,where one simply enjoys giving”. ” Nobody is an emperor and nobody is a beggar.Just be yourself “. ” When you love,love as if the person is God,not less than that.Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man”. Thank you. Philosophy Through Photography

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Different ways

Two people may be trying to get across the same idea,but they may do it in different ways. One may have positive overtones,where as other may not. Usually the one who presents things positively will have the greater success. Thank you Philosophy Through Photography Credits-auroraproductions.com,pixabay

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Complex over dark complexion

It’s a 2.8 minute read. Why would any one wants to change their God given darker shade skin to nothing less than whitest ? I have no idea about other non white country people,but in India it’s a different thing. Famously it is said that Indians are fascinated by 3Gs- Ganga ( River Ganges ), Gandhi ( father of the […]

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“There is no illusion greater than FEAR” Lao Tzu

Believe me,in this world none is fearless. Cambridge dictionary defines FEAR as “An unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous,painful or bad that is happening or might happen ” ” Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil ” Aristotle ‘Fear itself is a creation of your mind.It does not exist independently.Since it is a fabrication,you don’t have to fight it.Just understand it.Understanding is the key to freedom’.   The Ancient sage Can you say fear is an abnormal state ? Fear is not abnormal.It is a critical reaction to perceived physical and emotional danger one may likely to face. But the problem comes when the inner thoughts alert you and over rides your intellect,you become panicky. And instead of being proactive, you get stuck.We can’t avoid fear,but we can learn to be confident. The paradox is, fear is both enemy and friend of success. We fear because mind allows you to fear.We always tend to fear things because our imaginations cross the limits. “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” Japanese Proverb Can you tackle fear ? Yes,you can face it, since fear is creation of your mind, it has to be tackled both on 1.Psychological (confront the fear ) and 2.Behavioral angle (taking bold steps). We should not allow fear to paralyze us.Fear comes to you because you are not living in the present.You are constantly thinking […]

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15 Great reasons to enjoy drinking

Disclaimer – I am not here to encourage you drinking or become a habitual drinker.All of us know that consuming alcohol is injurious to health. In spite of this warning, alcohol is the most popular as a beverage on the earth.I really don’t know why it is popular though hell lot of  health problems it can induce. Looks like each […]

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Life is a paradox

1. The more we are connected online,the more disconnected and isolated we are in real life . 2. Good judgement is the result of experience and experience is the result of bad judgement. Oscar Wilde 3. Sacrificing your health to make money 💰then spending money to recover your health. 4. The more you learn,less you know. 5. To live a […]

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