Hearts 💓 of hope


As the corona pandemic is sweeping the World with lock downs everywhere,along with news of increase in the number of deaths, creating a gloomy picture. As the pandemic started showing it’s true colours by isolating millions of people around the world….social media movement has started to instill Love & Hope. Have you decorated your home with Hearts symbols ? Social […]

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Hey..Covid-19..Are you going to catch me?

corona virus

Don’t let Corona infect your mind ! My friend,Let your faith be bigger than your fear. “Of all the liars in the world,sometimes the worst are our own fears”       Rudyard Kipling Are you anxious about the pandemic my friend? On a lighter note… Me: what could possibly go wrong ? Anxiety: I’m glad you asked Yes.I can understand […]

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P mode

No no….I am not talking of P mode,which is Program Mode in DSRL cameras,as a photographer you all know. P-mode I meant… Panic Mode. I am talking about Panic state of the world. Now the world is full of Chaos,Panic & Fear.The reason you know pretty well,the ‘C’ word. I am talking of ‘Panic – Buying’ Definition of panic buying […]

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