Can you answer ?( Question series no-45 )

extramarital affair

Disclaimer– Read only if you are  a mature adult. There are two simple questions, begging for straight answers. 1.Do you agree that Majority of spouses,if given an opportunity tend to cheat, because of unexpected but temporary amnesia for those Sacred Vows ? 2.It’s true that the ‘thrill’ one gets can only be Experienced and can not be ‘Expressed’ ? Thank […]

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29 reasons to hate’Love’

Reasons to hate 'love'

It’s a 2.1 minute read. Plato said “Love is a great mental disease” Why it is so ? You can’t see flaws in the person. you lose focus and distracted. Love makes you lose sleep. Love strangulates you Love increases your heart rate.Heart pounds without reasoning. Love makes you lose commonsense. Love  can make  you lose track of your time. […]

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‘With no expectations,Love Blossoms’

Can you answer ? ( question series no-42 )

‘With no expectations,Love blossoms’ Don’t you agree that this statement is unrealistic and opposite of the very basic nature of human being ? We all know love can’t be unconditional. Should not the statement be ‘ Love blossoms only if expectations are fulfilled’ !! Love is a ‘verb’.So you have to be all the time saying ‘I love you’ or […]

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Do you hesitate to spread Love ?

Do you hesitate to spread love ?

None in this world is free and I know you are always busy with your own world with all the problems with social media adding to your tensions. Has anybody smiled because of you today ? This because you don’t have time to spread love,to be kind ,compassionate and jovial. I know you are ready with excuses. You are made […]

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