23 Warning signs of Epidemic of Ignorance


Do you agree Ignorance is bliss ? I can say the above quote literally translating into illiteracy in the present circumstances of coronal virus scare. Simply put it in Thomas Gray’s words…“what you don’t know can’t hurt you” “ignorance is a bliss” true in ordinary situations,but these are not ordinary days and we are faced with a serious situation, you […]

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Can you run away from yourself ?

Can you run away from your self ?

It’s a 4.9 minute read. Can you run away from yourself ? Of course,you can run away from yourself.Why not ? It’s awful but possible. You are the Ultimate,Your decision is final ! Enjoy your wonderful dreamland ! But the tragedy is,wherever you go you carry your ‘I’ with you. What is that you want to runaway from ? As […]

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