Only thing that is permanent in this life is ‘Change’

Only thing that is permanent in this life is 'change '

It’s 3.8 minute read. Some People are funny,strange,weird,unreliable,unexplainable and change unexpectedly for reasons best known to them. I hope and pray, I am not one of them. Relations,relationships,colleagues,business acquaintances,partners,travel partners,online friends,romantic relations,….you name the category,you can have it and they change over the time. Friendship is no exception. I am limiting my topic to friendship. Why do our best friends […]

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Secret of my long married life……

Let us not be serious all the time of the whole day ! Have some fun ! Remember today is Friday ! Some people ask the secret of our long marriage.We take time to go the restaurant two times a week.A little candle light ,dinner,soft music,and dancing.She goes on Tuesdays,I go on Fridays.    Henry Youngman Thank God it’s Friday […]

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