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I remind my fellows, residents and medical students that what we do is a privilege. People let us into the most intimate aspects of their lives, and they look to us to help guide them through very complex and delicate situations.”     Shikha Jain, MD via KevinMD

Do you agree that doctors belong to a glamorous profession ?

I guess your answer is ‘yes’.

Strangely Your answer is Wrong !

My friend,let me be frank here.

Medical Profession is not as charming as many of you think.

Majority of you wrongly think that it’s attractive and doctors earn a lot.

By the time doctor starts earning decently 50% of the life is over.

In 1918 Spanish flu pandemic more than 600 physicians died treating the patients.

As you are aware many doctors/allied professionals… both young and old died while treating Corona infected patients.

That is the level and intensity of dedication and sacrifice,medics undertake.

Time and again medical professionals has proved their mettle whenever the situation demanded or their presence is required and they work hard tirelessly against all odds.

Have you anytime even for a second thought about the professional hazard these medical professionals are exposed to ?

To my knowledge,just like we remember God only during times of distress,medical professional are remembered only when one’s body suffers from ailments.

No doubt one remembers doctor on Doctor’s day,and forgets the doctors quickly the next day or busy enjoying jokes about medical professionals.

To day I am talking about doctors involved in Radiology & imaging sciences

Radiology has enhanced diagnostic & treatment services so much that, now a days no treatment is possible without Radiologist’s involvement.

The very Corona virus requires radiologists opinion.

Radiology plays a critical role from child abuse to mass casualty emergencies.

The various modalities in Radiology include

  • X-ray and General Radiology including contrast studies.
  • Ultrasonography and related specialties like endo-sonography,echo cardiography, trans-esophageal sonography etc etc.
  • Mammogram
  • CT scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Interventional radiology
  • PET CT
  • Radiotherapy

Again every specialty of medical branch depends on radiology.

What are the Professional hazards faced by Radiology personnel ?

All of you are aware of the radiation hazards,these people are exposed on a daily basis unlike random patients,undergoing radiological investigations or radiotherapy.

Ill effects of radiation are many including blood cancer …..,most of you already know.Stress level among interventional radiologists is very high.

Radiologist’s as a group face unique occupational health hazards.They are

  1. Radiation hazards.
  2. Non radiational health hazards.

So far Radiation as an occupational health hazard has received adequate attention and guidelines are available regarding safety measures to be adopted.And Radiologists & Technician’s strictly follow the protocol.

So here I am not talking about radiation hazards, but concentrating on non radiational hazards,which can appear mild to you but can be debilitating !

  1. Many radiologists spend ample time performing a Ultrasound studies which requires constant use of one upper limb resulting in nagging pain ( transducer user syndrome )
  2. Interventional radiologists are exposed to musculo-skeletal problems,needle prick injuries etc.
  3. Eye strain,blurred vision due to constant interaction with computer monitors (computer vision syndrome), neck pain and wrist joint arthritis.
  4. Varicose veins
  5. Mental strain due to demanding turn around times ( burnouts,stress & depression )
  6. Lack of sleep
  7. Abuse from patients
  8. In India,there is a tough law in the form of PC-PNDT, ( law against revealing gender during obstetric sonography to prevent feticide ) causing additional administrative load to the Radiologists.

But still majority of radiologists & related professionals actively taking part, in coming to an accurate diagnosis and follow up studies for the effectiveness of the treatment.


Extraordinary times call for Awesome Humans and Radiologists are proving this.

“The diagnostic radiologist is a clinician who has sacrificed one of the greatest glories of the practice of medicine and its greatest responsibility – the daily contact with the ill and their families – in order to concentrate more on the essence of our profession, the pathology of the living. This he sees through the medium of shadows which has left him open to the charge of not quite being a real clinician.

But shadows, after all, are real. What are we to one another and what is the world to any of us but an inverted image on the retina? Seeing is done with the mind. The camera does not see; it records. The radiologist perceived the shadow, sees a lesion, and imagines the man. The bedside physician sees the man, perceives the signs and imagines the lesion. They practice from the outside in and we from the inside out. Both are clinicians, for in truth there is no other kind of doctor worthy of the name. The decisive test for all is finally and always the bedside. This, then, is one concept of the radiologist – with a film on the view box but the bedside in his or her mind.” Harry Z Mellins MD (1921-2001) prof.of Radiology.Harvard Medical School

His words are an important reminder as to why radiologists chose this field. Radiologists perform the reverse of what other clinicians do, they examine “from the inside out.”

Happiness is being a Radiologist

Hats 🎩off !!

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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Image by MedicalPrudens from Pixabay,IJRI

Care your Kidney otherwise Kidney will lose you

World Kidney day

In life of the body,Kidney is the real Gold      Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Voltaire

All of are aware that we have an amazing God’s gift in our bodies in the form of Kidneys,a wonder organ,but sadly many of us forget its importance,and ignore the steps to be taken in order to protect the organ from diseases and take things granted in our usual style.

Kidneys are symbol of conscience,emotions,desire ,wisdom & morality. ( Bible )

Did you ever consider having tests done to know the status of your kidneys ?

Do you know millions of people die because of kidney failure ? Kidney disease is a non communicable disease and approximately 850 million people are affected in the world.

I am not into details of why kidneys fail etc,but just to bring awareness of how important are kidneys to maintain body health.

In some parts of the world, men are so ignorant that they think or even call testicles as kidneys.

People even crack joke on these organs, (highly insulting to the great organ )

Kidney: A complex organ to convert beer into urine or

England doesn’t have a Kidney Bank,but it does have Liverpool .

World Kidney Day 

World Kidney Day (WKD) is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.source-wikipedia

It’s celebrated, second  Thursday of March each year and this year its falls on 12 th March ie. today.

Celebrate this World Kidney Day by getting a full body check up.

Most of the people  with early kidney disease have no symptoms making it all the more important to detect the disease early.

3 Simple life saving tests are(Source

  1. B.P test-Checking your Blood pressure.
  2. Urine test- Protein in urine.
  3. Blood test- GFR ( glomerular filtration rate )

8 Problems Kidney disease can cause  (source )

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack and stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Put your life at risk
  • Weak bones
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)
  • Kidney failure (end-stage kidney disease, or ESRD)
  • Anemia or low red blood cell count

9 things everyone must do  ( source )

  • Exercise regularly
  • Control weight
  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink only in moderation
  • Stay hydrated
  • Monitor cholesterol levels
  • Get an annual physical
  • Know your family medical history

I can add

  • Control Blood sugar and Blood pressure.
  • Don’t take pain killers / anti inflammatory tablets  regularly. They are nephrotoxic.

Wishing you healthy life with good functioning kidneys.

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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Disclaimer-The above post is not meant for any medical advice.It is intended for information purpose only.It’s not a substitute for Professional Medical advice.Consult your Physician for medical advice.

Why medical profession is not recommended by most of the doctors in India ?

Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan explains why it is so.Check the link.Have patience to read.You realize how hard it is to survive as a doctor in India in the present circumstances,and why the doctors feel so.I understand similar situation prevails in China too.
Why I will never allow my child to become a doctor in India

Thank you.
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