Discover Prompts, Day 12: Light


All of us have a great gift given by the Almighty. It’s the discovering LIGHT with in us. Your light is the result of the Joy,Happiness,Love & Compassion This you can always  achieve by inner peace and progress with the help of the light. “You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own […]

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Web of intrigue with lessons to learn

What is your lightning reaction when you see a spider ? Yuck…..horrid…..monstrous,,,,creepy….scary….crush it…..and you shudder. Majority of us have ‘Arachnophobia‘- an abnormal fear of spiders. Many of you instantly feel FORMICATION– a sensation that exactly resembles that of insects crawling on your body. I fully understand your feelings and disgust, and I also know it’s hard to convince you,but let […]

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More wine – Less whine 🍷


Looks like you can’t separate history of wine & History of Human beings. Wine has inspired countless intellectuals,writers,poets,entertainers and philosophers. ” A ta sante” “a votre sante” ‘Tchin-tchin” ” “Salud” “Cheers” “….. Sounding familiar ? Drink wine,and you will sleep well.Sleep and you will not sin,and you will be saved.ergo,drink wine and be saved Medieval German Proverb The only thing […]

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