Web of intrigue with lessons to learn

What is your lightning reaction when you see a spider ? Yuck…..horrid…..monstrous,,,,creepy….scary….crush it…..and you shudder. Majority of us have ‘Arachnophobia‘- an abnormal fear of spiders. Many of you instantly feel FORMICATION– a sensation that exactly resembles that of insects crawling on your body. I fully understand your feelings and disgust, and I also know it’s hard to convince you,but let […]

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29 reasons to hate’Love’

Reasons to hate 'love'

It’s a 2.1 minute read. Plato said “Love is a great mental disease” Why it is so ? You can’t see flaws in the person. you lose focus and distracted. Love makes you lose sleep. Love strangulates you Love increases your heart rate.Heart pounds without reasoning. Love makes you lose commonsense. Love  can make  you lose track of your time. […]

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Beautiful Truths of life

1.You are really beautiful. 2.When you are born you are crying but you bring smiles on face of your parents.But when you are dead ,everyone crying and you know nothing. 3.Men chase women.Sex is beautiful. 4.You are unique. 5.You can see.Its the most beautiful thing in this world. 6.A good morning wishes what you get is precious.All don’t have that. […]

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