About me

Taj Mahal
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it Confucius

Greetings from India, the land of diversity, the land of spiritualism, the land of Maharajas, and the ancient land famous for philosophical thoughts, rituals and a land full of ironies and paradoxes.

Are you amazed?

Yes. India is the most happening country in this world. Incredible India!

As I am ageing, surprisingly developed an interest in photography, very late of course, but no regrets I am into amateur photography and want to dwell on the philosophical angle of my photos.

Am I a professional philosopher?

I am not an expert in philosophy or philosopher by profession but have a lot of interest in philosophy. After all one should be aware of the universe, world and society and human power of judgment.

Nothing wrong with knowing day-to-day problems connected with reality, existence, values, reasoning and mind experiments.

Initially, I was not sure how this blog is going to attract people, since the very subject ‘PHILOSOPHY’ has a relatively unpopular reputation and many feel it’s a boring subject.

But then I realized that blogs are nothing but an expression of individuals’ thoughts and I should continue posting photographs which convey some aspects of the philosophy of life, and I am sure to come across wonderful people in the blogosphere of mutual interest.

I am confident I am going to be in good company with people like you.

Also, I intend to publish my blog thoughts.

“I had to wait 110 years to become famous. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.”

Jeanne Louise Calment

You can call me Philo 

Gender being MR.

Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to go through and welcome


54 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love the quote about photography & philosophy. I have become more interested in in the spiritual side of photography more recently. I mainly use my mobile phone to take photographs and some of them I get printed off at the photography shop.
    Photography & philosophyvsounx interesting .

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  2. Thank you Margaret.
    Yeah,we takes hundreds of photos throughout the year ,and I always wonder whether this clicks give any message of philosophy,so I started taking clicks with spirituality in my mind.
    Congratulations for your wonderful venture of combining photography and philosophy.
    Do post some of the photos in your blog whenever it is possible.and hi greetings from India and thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Although I am usually quite critical about photographs since it presents a single point in time and forcibly extracts it out of its context, thus leaving us with something that does not provide any meaning but allows us to derive any meaning out of it, I liked your blog and writings and found it really interesting 🙂

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  4. Hi Philo ,
    Just visiting your About section after reading ytodays post about ageing.
    I am in The Gambia until April so it seems easier to reflect on my life generally and catch up with blog posts.
    Revisiting seems a good idea anyway.
    I like your blog design with a drop down menu which I have been considering doing for a while.

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  5. Hi Philo! I’m new here and being attracted. 😛
    philosophy is a very interesting field, it’s not boring for me definitely!
    I also want to be in a good company, but it’s a hard thing. Maybe blogging is a good way, I don’t know, making a good friendship is difficult.
    I think “philosophy through photography” is an enchanting name. In my view, “philosophy through words is a normal way, but sometimes words still cannot transfer ideas effectively. Such as me, I cannot write complicate and deep words now 😛

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    1. Thank You so much Ai Weikai.Greetings from India.
      It’s my pleasure ,interacting with you.
      Glad you like philosophy and you liked the concept of philosophy & Photography.
      To be frank I am not into deeper aspects of philosophy and into simple aspects of living our lives.
      Glad that you love making good friendships in the blogosphere.
      Wishing you all the best.
      Let us keep in touch


  6. Hi Philo, like you I am an amateur photographer. I love challenges, so I’ve seen you around on the internet. Thanks for stopping by and reading my interview of Amanda and Sandy about Friendly Friday. 🙂 Interviewing is one of my passions. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much.
      It’s a great feeling to meet like-minded people and I am glad I met you.

      I am thinking of spending time in going through your blog posts and enjoy reading and seeing the photographs.

      You are wonderful in asking intelligent and tough questions to the participants and I loved the way you conduct the interview.

      Sure to check other interviews if yours too!

      Have a great week!

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    1. By now you must be knowing that I am not a philosopher but developed interest.

      According to Wikipedia- Philosophical methods include questioning, critical discussion, rational argument, and systematic presentation.

      If we question more, there are chances that we may gain some wisdom.

      Apart from the photo in general I try to analyse whether the photo conveys any message.

      The very fundamental question can be…why should one capture a photograph?

      Once you put this question, you try to figure out what is that you are looking for and what is that you get of of this and any thoughts or messages you get from this and if so to what extent it’s useful to rest of the people, and in my case readers in WP.

      All the photos taken by me, I try to reason it out.

      I request you to be my critique as far as the posts I published so that I may have a better option to improve my concept to next level.

      Erik Kim, Korean American and a famous street photographer thinks there is philosophy in photography. You can check his explanation


      Thank you my friend.

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      1. Thanks for sharing the link, Philo.

        I do not have negative perceptions about philosophers. Maybe because I haven’t had such an incident. “Philosophy through Photography” initiative is appreciated by the audience.

        The way you see, observe, connect, analyse, compare, experiment and love photography, same I do with writing. I wish to give facial recognition to my words.

        *Check my posts, you’ll find a connection between the title, featured image and words.

        Happy Independence Day🇮🇳

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  7. Hi 🙂 I was drawn to your site by your Gravatar. A friend drew my attention recently to the idea that the orientation of the yin/yang symbol has importance, and I was wondering what your take might be on that?

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    1. Thank you my friend.
      It’s a pleasure talking to you.

      Yin/yang gravatar is a nice way to get reminded that we are supposed to be humble.Nobody is superior and nobody is inferior.
      When there is equality, there is hormony in life.

      This should be achieved both in our personal life and also in the entire world.

      I am not a philosopher by profession but interested in philosophy in a small way.
      More than me explaining, you can have better understanding as you go through the link.



      I appreciate and thank you for taking your time in reading some of my posts.

      Have a great Sunday my friend .

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      1. Ah, sorry, I didn’t make myself clear; I was referring specifically to the orientation of the ‘yin-yang symbol’. As I understand it, I think that your Gravatar represents it ‘the right way round’, with white ‘ascending’ on the left. It is shown in the same way on the page in the second of the two links you offer. Interestingly, though, both of the representations of the symbol on the page at your first link show a mirror image, with white ascending on the right. And this symbol (although it’s in an entirely different context) shows it as a mirror image rotated 90° anticlockwise…

        The ‘correct’ orientation, however, appears to have its own contradiction, as with ‘yang’ (‘white’) on the left and ‘yin’ (‘black’) on the right, this would be read (both by myself as a European and by modern-day Chinese) as ‘yang-yin’, not ‘yin-yang’. And Wikipedia’s page on ‘Yin and yang’ says that “yangyin is not synonymous with yinyang”. As I understand it, prior to interaction with Europeans, Chinese used to be read from right to left, so this ancient symbol would have been ‘the right way round’ in the past.

        I’ve been unable to find any discussion of this so far elsewhere. I know it’s pretty much a nonsense, but, as a phlyarologist, it intrigues me 🙂

        I hope you have a great Sunday, too!

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        1. Thank you for making me understand your point of view.

          As per wiki, Yin Yang & yang Yin are not synonymous.

          You wanted to know why it is yin yang instead of yang Yin since the white symbol is on the left side. (Yang-white Yin-black)

          I hope I understood correctly.

          My thoughts are as follows.

          ✔Yang represents so many things which include masculinity.

          Masculinity is generally considered a dominant force (though there is no such thing)

          This dominant power brings you to the dominant left hemisphere of the brain.

          You are aware that the brain has two hemispheres and for the right-handed person (90% of the population) the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant (don’t ask me how many males or females are right-handed)

          Because of this, the yang part (White) is on the left side of the image (dominant force always comes first)

          ✔Not just this…. have you ever noticed how a radiologist reads an x-ray chest film?

          Here the R symbol (right side of the patient’s chest) on the x-ray film is placed… it corresponds Radiologist’s left side. The symbol R (right) on the x-ray is on your left side as you see the x ray film.

          The radiologist reads the film as if the patient is standing in front of him/her (Direct facing) so that the radiologist left side corresponds to the patient’s right side.

          In both the examples, I have given- The left is dominating, hence Yang is placed on the left side of the image. (Though yin yang philosophy says there is equality)

          ✔And Wikipedia says yang-yin is not synonymous with yin-yang (what is the basis?) …. but there is nothing much it says beyond this statement to prove the same with some attempted explanations.

          Maybe we have to leave it to the language specialists to find out.

          ✔ For the photographer, the general description for the photos is either black and white or colour.

          Strangely we never mention White & Black photos.

          Maybe that is the way the system works and language specialists have a say!

          Otherwise, all of us are exposed to great confusion.

          ✔Finally if somebody puts the symbol with yin (black) on the left side (mirror Image), who are we to object other than being curious!!

          And the ladies (who represent Yin-Black) have the last laugh!!😃😃😂😂🤣🤣
          Maybe here the ladies wish to show their dominance!!😃😃🤣🤣

          ✔You are right when you said Chinese used to be read from right to left, maybe that is the reason it is known as Yin-Yang?

          If that is so, then the problem is solved!!😃😃😂😂🤣🤣

          Thank you very much for your observation- strictly a no way nonsense!!

          Hats off!!

          I am fortunate to meat a Genius!

          I have concluded from the interaction that I am having with you that there is a

          PLACE for NONSENSE in this world and we all should have fun and celebrate the

          same annually on one particular day, dedicated to the ‘survival of Nonsense’

          Have a great weekday my friend.

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          1. What a phabulous response, Philo! Your radiologist example is particularly good; the medical profession in general views physiology phrom the opposite perspective (in phact, I was myself subject to surgery, many years ago now, and narrowly avoided having the wrong part of my body operated on – the problem was on the left, yet prior to my operation someone had put phelt-tep pen markings on the right: I asked them why they’d done that, and they looked at their notes and said “Oh, sorry!”, then crossed out the markings and replaced them on the left…)

            Yes, I believe that there is indeed a place for nonsense in this world. The stuph is all around us (and most of it is considered ‘normal’). It should all be recognised, acknowledged as part of the endemic condition of homo fatuus brutus – and, yes, celebrated! I myself celebrate it once every year, on Towel Day (25th May). Just six months to go till the next one 🙂


            1. Donkey-u my friend.
              Enjoyed ur stuph!
              IM in kloud 9.
              IM happy that, phased on the radiologist’s report, the rite part of ur body was not mutilated.
              U must B a rare species to escape!!
              Im appy that there are souls like you and me willing to accept the ‘norm’ as nonsense.
              Many Donkeys-u for providing the website address freely.
              I do celebrate Towel day in the form of antimacassar-https://philosophyvia.photos/2021/05/22/antimacassar/
              It’s my fissure to join tha academy
              Pest wishes

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