Taj Mahal

Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it    Confucius

Greetings from India,the land of diversity,land of spiritualism,land of

Maharajas, and the ancient land famous for philosophical thoughts.rituals and

land full of ironies and paradoxes.

Are you amazed ?

As I am aging ,surprisingly developed interest in photography, very late of

course, but no regrets and I am into amateur photography and wants to dwell

into philosophical angle of my photos.Also I intend to publish my blog thoughts.

“I had to wait 110 years to become famous. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.”

Jeanne Louise Calment (1875-1997)

You can call me Philo

Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to go through and welcome
aboard !


  1. I love the quote about photography & philosophy. I have become more interested in in the spiritual side of photography more recently. I mainly use my mobile phone to take photographs and some of them I get printed off at the photography shop.
    Photography & philosophyvsounx interesting .

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  2. Thank you Margaret.
    Yeah,we takes hundreds of photos throughout the year ,and I always wonder whether this clicks give any message of philosophy,so I started taking clicks with spirituality in my mind.
    Congratulations for your wonderful venture of combining photography and philosophy.
    Do post some of the photos in your blog whenever it is possible.and hi greetings from India and thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Although I am usually quite critical about photographs since it presents a single point in time and forcibly extracts it out of its context, thus leaving us with something that does not provide any meaning but allows us to derive any meaning out of it, I liked your blog and writings and found it really interesting 🙂

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  4. Hi Philo ,
    Just visiting your About section after reading ytodays post about ageing.
    I am in The Gambia until April so it seems easier to reflect on my life generally and catch up with blog posts.
    Revisiting seems a good idea anyway.
    I like your blog design with a drop down menu which I have been considering doing for a while.

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