Caught off guard!



The image is taken on a railway platform.

It’s interesting to note the moods of these people.

“When people are unaware, the camera becomes an observer, silently documenting the beauty of human existence without intrusion.” Unknown

How frequently do you click on unknown people unaware of you clicking on them?

Some people of scared of clicking in public places. It need not be so.

Catching people unaware is an interesting component of photography.

There are many aspects of why photographers do this.

My thoughts

  • When people are unaware of being photographed, their natural behaviour and emotions are captured
  • It can also be helpful for story-telling
  • These emotions can be captured in a natural environment

What about ethical considerations?

Ethically it’s said to be wrong when photographing people without their consent.

One must respect people’s privacy and never forget cultural sensitivities.

It is also said that one need not take permission if one is in a public place.

I understand that each country has different rules regarding this subject.

Most important rule-don’t photograph vulnerable people.

How should one approach specifically?

It’s difficult to answer.

One can strike a balance between capturing a compelling shot and at the same time respecting the privacy and rights of the individuals.

Philosophical Thought on Railway Platform

“Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death.

The landscape changes, the people change, and our needs change, but the train keeps moving.

Life is the train, not the station”

Paulo Coelho


“The best photographs are the ones that tell a story. When you photograph people unaware, you are capturing a moment in their life that they may never forget. It’s a way of connecting with them on a deeper level and sharing their story with the world.”

Steve McCurry

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Mr Philo

Image by © PTP-2023 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CFFC- Catching People unaware


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