Drishti: Warding off the Evil Eye, Embracing Positive Energy



Dristi means ‘ Evil Eye’.

In Hindi, it is well-known as ‘Buri Nazar’

This particular doll, unique in India, became part of the culture and is centuries old.

Have you heard of Drishti dolls before?

Drishti dolls are a type of talisman found in South India.

Dhristi dolls are Evil Eye dolls.

They are thought to possess apotropaic qualities, which means they can fend off evil.

Where can you see them?

Dristi Dolls are hung on

  • Buildings
  • Vehicles (trucks, lorries, auto rickshaws),
  • Construction sites
  • During festival celebrations (Pumpkins are painted with the demon face)

How are they made?

Drishti dolls are typically made of clay or wood and are decorated with bright colours.

Besides the demonic face,drishti items can include, lemon, red or green chilli,

They often have large eyes and a moustache.

They are also sometimes given as gifts to protect the recipient from harm.

How exactly are these dolls supposed to act?

It is believed that the evil eye can cause harm to a person or object if they are looked at with envy or jealousy.

Drishti dolls are thought to protect against the evil eye by absorbing the negative energy that is directed at them.


“In the Presence of Drishto Gombe, Negativity Fades, Positivity Prevails.” Unknown

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